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Welcome to Wild Tech Survival.


To ensure survival and bushcraft is a basic skill set for everyone.

Like you, we are also keen on the mastery of fundamental skills to survive in a state of emergency.


Wild Tech Survival has been launched to help people learn the skills necessary for survival in the wild. With the increase in global warming, our days on Earth, as we call it, are numbered. The temperature is increasing, melting the polar ice caps, causing a rise in sea level. With the sea level rising, most parts of the Earth will be underwater. Even if it does not happen today, soon life, as we call, may face extreme threats tomorrow. It might be too late to prevent the apocalypse, but it is not too late to prepare for it.

At Wild Tech Survival, we aim to become your ultimate survival guide in terms of any natural and man-made condition where you are left on your own. From epidemics, pandemics to any apocalyptic dystopia- when your worst fears turn to reality, our guidance will keep you prepared.


With hikers getting lost in the wilderness each year, survival in nature as its primitive child has been gaining more emphasis than ever. When caught in natural disasters, wildfire, and other unforeseen circumstances, primitive skills can help you face any challenge and stay alive by ultilizing the raw materials. Different habitats require a distinct set of skills to survive. When modern technology cannot help you get back to safety, It’s the basic survival tactics that you need to achieve. And here at Wild Tech Survival, we help you flourish with the right mindset.


In Wild Tech Survival, we cover every basic survival criteria.

Wilderness Technology: When you are lost in the woods or stranded on an island, how will you survive? Discovering essentials among mother nature, building shelters,  identifying edible plants- every step you take may decide your fate for the next hour. In Wilderness Technology, we will introduce you to different natural resources that you can utilize in crafting gears and equipment. With the right tools, you can build a fire, skin an animal, purify water, navigate through challenging landscapes, and more. Here we will also give you a tour of the untamed nature and explain how wilderness technology creates an impact on your survival tactics.

Survival Gear: A hunting knife or a handy compass can save your day. We understand the need for the right survival gear, and in this section, we will focus on the best items to prepare your emergency kit. Here we will review different survival gears and tools so that you know which tools to depend on when the world you know falls apart in an instant.

Apocalypse Survival: In this section, we will back you up with necessary guidance on how you can survive in urban and rural areas in case of an apocalypse. It will consist oftips and tricks on what you should do before, during, and after an apocalypse. Regardless of where you stranded, a desert, an island, or trying to survive the aftermath of the plague, you will get all the precautions, safety, and survival strategies here.

Pandemic Survival: When home is your safest place, how do you turn it into a shelter? In Pandemic Survival, we will arm you with the most effective strategies to keep yourself safe. Learn how you can utilize your skills to beat the crises and keep the society striving for a new day.

It is our belief in Wild Tech Survival that all of us should have some basic bushcraft skills. So, we do not feel completely out of water when we are faced with the challenge of surviving in the Wild. Join us and thrive in any survival situation.

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