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Outdoor Survival Gadgets: Top 10 in 2020

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Top 10 Outdoor Survival Gadgets in 2020

Outdoor survival gadgets may not be something you need every day. But don’t even think for a second that they are unnecessary. Life is unpredictable, and so are your needs and actions. They depend a lot on the situations you face. Think about it: when you are out in the wild, you are entirely on your own. So, you have to prepare for the worst while running your daily errands. To meet your basic needs and tackle any emergency, you need a proper set of emergency survival kits and tools specially designed for outdoor. These outdoor survival gadgets easy to find in supermarkets and online shops. But their quality varies a lot even when they all look premium. So, you need a proper guideline to buying the best ones for you. We have listed down our top 10 picks of outdoor survival gear below. Check them out before you head on to buy some. 

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1. WETPIA 4-in-1 Cutlery Set

WETPIA 4-in-1 Cutlery Set (Top 10 Outdoor Survival Gadgets in 2020)

Product Description: Be it camping or surviving out in the wild, you have to eat to stay active. This 4-in-1 cutlery set from Wetpia will take care of all the concerns of eating providing you with the right tools at the right time. This utensil set includes a knife, a fork, a spoon, and a bottle opener. 

Design and Quality: This small tool replaces four different utensils by embodying them all. Its stainless steel and aluminum alloy made body will provide value for the money you spend. 


  •  The kit splits in half so that you can use the knife and the fork at the same time.
  • Made with rust-free, sturdy material


  • The casing is plastic made

Check the price of WETPIA 4-in-1 Cutlery Set on Amazon

2. Kizen Solar Powered LED Lantern

Kizen Solar Powered LED Lantern (Top 10 Outdoor Survival Gadgets in 2020)

Product Description: When you are outdoor, you will need lights to stay active at night and keep a lookout for potential danger. Kizen brings you a powerful LED lantern that you can quickly bring with you anywhere. Aside from regular USB charging, it also features solar charging. So, your days of worry about charging your light source at night are finally over.

Design and Quality: The uniquely designed lantern can be folded down to a size 2.4 times smaller than the usual. That will allow you to put it anywhere for carrying. Even then, it has a flashlight mode for continuous light emission.


  • Can be used as an emergency power bank for your phone or other electronic gadgets
  • It has three light modes – high, low, and emergency SOS signal
  • 100% money-back lifetime warranty
  • Includes fail-safe to prevent the device from overcharging and the circuits from overheating
  • Splash-proof


  • Plastic made body

Check the price of Kizen Solar Powered LED Lantern on Amazon

3. Slols Solar Power Bank

Slols Solar Power Bank (Top 10 Outdoor Survival Gadgets in 2020)

Product Description: Keep your phone and all other electronic devices running 24×7 with this heavy-duty power bank from Slols. This solar chargeable power bank also supports cable charging for your convenience. In addition to two USB output and one type-c output, this survival gear also supports wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices! So, you can recharge up to four devices at the same time.

Design and Quality: The outer case of this power bank is made of sturdy ABS material which is not easily damageable. It’s also IP54 waterproof and dust-proof for convenient usage.


  • Built-in LED light functions as a flashlight, an SOS light, and a strobe light
  • 45 days money-back guarantee


  •     No significant drawback to mention

Check the price of Slols Solar Power Bank on Amazon

4. Willuck 8-in-1 Tactical Pen Outdoor Survival Gadgets

Willuck 8-in-1 Tactical Pen (Top 10 Outdoor Survival Gadgets in 2020)

Product Description: Next on our list of outdoor survival gadgets is the Willuck tactical pen from Misuki. A pen might sound like the wrong choice for outdoor survival, but wait till you get to know the other functions of it. You’ll get a multifunctional head that can operate as a bottle opener, a fire starter, an emergency whistle, a compass, and many more. So, you’re not carrying a pen. Actually, you’re taking a multi-tool with you for the wilderness.

Design and Quality: This lightweight tactical pen is rust-free and quite challenging to break. Its unique design at the handle gives you a comfortable grip while holding.


  • The gift box includes a gift card, a multi-tool card, and extra ink carriage aside from the tactical pen
  • Includes glass breaker functions


  • Too large to keep it in shirt pockets

Check the price of Willuck 8-in-1 Tactical Pen on Amazon

5. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Product Description: Who doesn’t need a quality knife for themselves, especially when the challenge is to survive outdoor on your own. To solve your hunting, skinning and cutting issues, meet your new knife friend from renowned manufacturer Gerber. This 10-inch knife will come in handy outdoor – in good times or bad.

Design and Quality: The full-tang, drop-point stainless steel blade of this survival knife gives a premium look after just glancing at it. Its non-slip rubberized handle with ergonomic design is quite extraordinary. The mildew-resistant sheath it comes in is also military-grade. So, the quality of this knife, as well as its stylish looks, is undoubtedly marvelous. 


  •  Includes an emergency whistle with lanyard
  •  Built-in fire starter rod
  •  Comes with “Priorities of Survival”, a pocket guide written by Bear Grylls


  •     Taking the knife out of the sheath is difficult sometimes

Check the price of Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife on Amazon

 6. FosPower Emergency Radio Outdoor Survival Gadgets

FosPower Emergency Radio

Product Description: Weather updates are necessary when you are outside.  Especially in forests, the weather tends to change frequently. So, to make your outdoor life comfortable, grab this emergency radio from FosPower. It can be recharged via solar power, hand cranking, or AAA batteries. It comes with a 2000mAh battery which has an alternate use as a power bank for your electronic devices.

Design and Quality: This radio features IPX3 water resistance, which is a bonus on top of its sturdy design and sleek looks.


  • Has access to the emergency weather forecast and news broadcast from NOAA and AM/FM stations
  • Includes an LED reading light and a flashlight
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The battery case requires a tiny Philips head screwdriver which some people may not possess

Check the price of FosPower Emergency Radio on Amazon

7. Sawyer Products Water Filter Outdoor Survival Gadgets

 Sawyer Products Water Filter

Product Description: You can’t survive anywhere without clean water, which is hard to find lying out in the open. So, to make clean water available anywhere, Sawyer Product has come up with this mini water filter. In addition to removing 100% of microplastics, this survival kit also promises to kill 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa.    

Design and Quality: This water filter fits inside your palm and weighs only two ounces.


  •  0.1micron absolute filtration  
  •  Filter rated up to 100,000 gallons
  •  Every filter is tested three times for checking performance during the manufacturing process 


  •     Fitting the filter inside its pouch can be a tough job sometimes

Check the price of Sawyer Products Water Filter on Amazon

8. Veitorld 12-in-1 Survival Kit

Veitorld 12-in-1 Survival Kit

Product Description: The mother-of-all outdoor survival gadgets is here, packing a total of 12 cool gadgets in it. It includes wire saw, emergency blanket, flashlight, credit card knife, flintstone scraper, and the list goes on and on!

Design and Quality: All the tools mentioned above are packed into a compact yet durable case, which is also waterproof. As for the tools, they are mostly made of stainless steel which ensures years in service.


  • Includes a 7-in-1 spoon fork, which can also be used as a bottle opener or a knife


  •     The case is plastic made

Check the price of Veitorld 12-in-1 Survival Kit on Amazon

9. Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Product Description: Locating yourself and also knowing about your surroundings is a good practice for surviving outdoors. And the good news is, This little device from Garmin does that job perfectly. It also has an internal memory of 8GB with a microSD card slot for storing information.

Design and Quality: This IPX7 water-resistant GPS receiver has a battery life of 16 hours which is enormous for a handheld device.


  •  Sunlight-readable color display
  •  Features Garmin connect with a wireless data upload system
  •  Preloaded TOPO U.S. maps with a years subscription of BirdsEye Satellite Image 
  •  250,000 preloaded caches from Geocaching.com


  •     Included maps aren’t adequate to some people for trail routing

Check the price of Garmin GPSMAP 64st on Amazon

10. RoverTac 14-in-1 Multitool

RoverTac 14-in-1 Multitool

Product Description: As I said before, your survival will be tough without a few reliable tools to accompany you. Keeping that in mind, you can rely on this 14-in-1 multi-tool from famous manufacturer RoverTac on any given day. This compact toolkit features an axe, hammer, pliers, assorted hex, Philips screwdriver, bottle opener, among others.

Design and Quality: The body is made of sturdy stainless steel with black oxidation, while the handle is also oxidized in red. As for the outlook, it will surely catch your eyes as soon as you set your eyes on it.


  •  Durable nylon pouch for easily carrying the multi-tool 
  •  100% satisfaction warranty


  •     The poorly designed hatchet blade cover

Check the price of Garmin GPSMAP 64st on Amazon

That concludes, the list of the best outdoor survival gadgets available in the market. Your survival depends on two things – the right skills and the right tools. If you can combine these two at the right time, there’s no stopping you from surviving from any situation outdoors. So, make the best out of this list by picking the right outdoor survival tools for you. These tools will surely help to keep you alive. Best of luck!

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