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Post-Pandemic Period: How COVID-19 Will Reshape the World

by TheSurvivor
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Post-Pandemic Period: How COVID-19 Will Reshape the World

The world is facing a health and economic crisis now due to Coronavirus. Everywhere around the world, Governments have one goal now: to contain the spread of the virus while minimizing the loss (of life and economy). And when we go outside again in the post-pandemic period, we will see a changed world, for better or worse.

Coronavirus has already cornered us, Earthlings. As of today, the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed over 150 thousand lives worldwide. More than half of the world’s population is now confined to their homes. The streets are deserted, industries and factories are shut down, public transports are not running. There is no sign of life anywhere. The only places that are witnessing an overflow of population are hospitals.

This pandemic is a life-altering event and it will affect each and every one of us, one way or the other. This is our reality today.  And here’s the thing, even after this pandemic is over, our lives will never be the same. The measures that we are taking to cope with the crisis will lead us to change our ways permanently; the teachings that we have to take away are overwhelming and life will never be the same. Let us envision a post-pandemic period where we will change for the better. 

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Post-Pandemic Period: A World With A Better Hygiene

A World With A Better Hygiene (Post-Pandemic Period: How COVID-19 Will Reshape the World)

Coronavirus has made sure every one of us gets two things straight: washing our hands frequently is very important, and so much as touching our faces can be fatal. Considering how easily a virus can spread, we always need to be on the lookout. The world has been practicing personal hygiene more actively than ever before. We are conscious of every touch now. We try to avoid touching objects in public. We have learned to cover our face with a mask, and hands with gloves. We are also practicing better food habits now. 

In a world where hugs and kisses are calculative, and eating out with friends a distant dream, our social lives will take some time to get back to normal. And once we are ready to move about in the world, we will be sure to clean our doorknobs more often and spray disinfectants around our space every once in a while.

It is evident that these practices are here to stay. People will work differently, go to social gatherings with more awareness, and travel more responsibly. In the post-pandemic period, people will think twice before sharing a cup because of where these little unhygienic practices could lead us.

Post-Pandemic Period: Stronger Sense Of Unity 

Stronger Sense Of Unity (Post-Pandemic Period: How COVID-19 Will Reshape the World)

The entire humankind is now on the same boat. If the boat sinks, we are all sinking together!

Having faced so much loss of life in only a matter of a few months, Coronavirus has made us more empathetic towards one another. Even though we are maintaining a social distance, we are united by one goal and that is to survive through the pandemic in good physical and mental health. It is a silver lining in this dark hour. We shall come out of the pandemic as a better society with a stronger sense of community. 

Post-Pandemic Period: Tech Firms Will Flourish!

Tech Firms Will Flourish! (Post-Pandemic Period: How COVID-19 Will Reshape the World)

This is a tough time for physical analog businesses. Traditional businesses such as hotels, travel agencies, restaurants have been shut down for an uncertain period of time. Many have been forced to lay off workers as a result of it. 

However, business is thriving for the tech industries. More than half of the employed population around the world are working remotely now, via the digital world. Besides, social media has been more active than ever. People have realized that maintaining physical distance with friends does not mean we have to stay out of touch.

 With an abundance of time, we are engaging more with friends over social media platforms. And all that is working in favor of Silicon Valley! The tech companies will come out of this pandemic stronger and more dominant than ever before.

On a heavier note, governments might take this opportunity to run more surveillance on civilians. To identify the cluster of the virus, some governments are using smartphone trackers in order to figure out where the tested-positive patients have been. It may seem like a good cause now but it is still a breach of individual privacy. In turn, it might put our socio-political rights at a risk.

Globalization Will Never Be The Same

Globalization Will Never Be The Same

Political bodies, companies, and firms have been forced to cope with the pandemic by practicing economic self-isolation for an uncertain period of time. This is raising second thoughts to the very foundation of the success stories of the 21st century: globalization. At the raise of a pandemic, once the national borders are closed, dependency on imported goods has proven to be catastrophic.

Governments around the world are now in search of autonomy, turning inwards to minimize dependency on other nations for essential goods. Companies have already started to rethink their supply chains; the multicountry, multistep process involves too much risk at the rise of a pandemic or even a war, for that matter. In the post-pandemic period, the face of globalization will be massively different than it was before. 

Unemployment Apocalypse

Unemployment Apocalypse

All over the world, economic life has changed dramatically. In a world of consumerism, while all the buyers are sitting at home spending very little money businesses are living through their worst nightmare. This unprecedented collapse in the economy results in laying off laborers due to less profit. 

Different countries are taking different approaches to this problem. The US is making rapid cuts in labor supply to reach equilibrium with its demand. Whereas many European countries are reducing working hours for employees to balance the reduction of demand, with not much cut on their salaries. The federal labor office is funding to cover the difference, subsidizing wage. 

Fresh graduates will face a halt in the recruitment process and be unemployed for a long time. Career plans will be disturbed as we face an all-around crisis. 

More Investments In Healthcare Facilities

More Investments In Healthcare Facilities

We have lost thousands of lives to coronavirus, and thousands more due to weak healthcare facilities. The pandemic has told us to our face that we are not ready! With superior quality weaponries and ready-to-launch nuclear weapons, governments are prepared for any war. But this war, they didn’t see coming. We lost friends and family to incompetent healthcare facilities. And as soon as we have tackled this pandemic, governments will start equipping their healthcare facilities for the next one. Now we know that a pandemic is never a matter of “if” but “when”! 
To summarize, as we are witnessing one of the greatest crises in the history of the world, we realized that changes need to be made in our lifestyle to stay in good health. Not only that, to compensate for all the losses incurred, our governments will make more strategic moves in the post-pandemic period. As of now, let us practice healthy habits and act responsibly to live to see the post-pandemic period. Let us stay distant, together!

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