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Wilderness Life Technology Gear: Top 10

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10 Best Wilderness Life Technology Gears

When you are out in the wild, there are only two things that will come in handy for survival. One of them being your wits and the other is the gear that you carry. The multitool kit that you may have bought 2 years ago on a sale might have been just sitting on your drawer collecting dust. But find yourself stranded in an unknown place with limited food and water, that tool surprisingly becomes one of your most prized possessions. In situations like these, where survival is the primary concern, luxury becomes a distant concern and your instinct will start telling you that you need food, shelter and most importantly a plan. If you are a survival and hiking enthusiasts, you have found yourself in the right place. This article will take you through ten of the best wilderness life technology gear and tools that might just be a lifesaver if you are ever to find yourself in a situation like that.  

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1. Rose Kuli 7” Multitool 

Rose Kuli 7'' Multitool (10 Best Wilderness Life Technology Gears)

Product Description: This is a jack of all trades but master of none, still beats having nothing when stranded at a remote place or on a hiking trip. Equipped with the necessities, a multitool is always nice to have in your arsenal.  

Design and Quality: Durable and made of steel with nonstick coating for added quality, its hinge seems solidly made and will last you a long time. The great thing about this product is how portable yet versatile it is. 

Product Features: Various small useful tools all packed into one portable package, you can also get a hammer with this, which is something we do not see every day with multitools. 

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2. Army Universe Camouflage Paracord Wilderness Life Technology Gear

Army Universe Camouflage Paracord (10 Best Wilderness Life Technology Gears)

Product Description: A rope will come in handy many times in a survival situation. You will need a rope for climbing and also keep things securely held in place, which makes it one of the most useful and versatile pieces of gear you will have in your arsenal. 

Design and Quality: These are tested to last and are made from 100% nylon to ensure they can withstand extreme forces. 100 feet in length and 4 mm in diameter for all sorts of survival needs.

Product Features: Robust and strong grade A quality paracord that is built to last you a long time. 

Check the price of Army Universe Camouflage Paracord on Amazon

3. REEBOW GEAR Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Tactical Assault Pack Backpack (10 Best Wilderness Life Technology Gears)

Product Description: Another must-have equipment when we are talking about wilderness life technology is obviously a great backpack that has enough space and pockets to fit all you need to carry. The REEBOW GEAR tactical backpack fits the bill perfectly. 

Design and Quality: What is a survival backpack that isn’t durable? Luckily durability is one thing you do not need to worry about with this one. Durability is one thing this backpack has got it covered. Made from high-density fabric, this backpack is water-resistant as well. The heavy-duty zippers also ensure you won’t be needing to replace the zippers any time soon. 

Product Features: Stealthy, stylish and extremely durable, this backpack ticks all the boxes that make great survival gear and with ample space to carry all your gear.

Check the price of REEBOW GEAR Tactical Assault Pack Backpack on Amazon

4. Garmin GPSMAP 64st Worldwide Handheld GPS Wilderness Life Technology Gear

Garmin GPSMAP 64st Worldwide Handheld GPS (10 Best Wilderness Life Technology Gears)

Product Description: We would think it is probably a good idea to have a device that will help you to know where you are going, don’t you? A GPS will come in extremely handy when you find yourself at an unknown place or just happen to be lost on a hiking trip or wilderness. The GARMIN handheld is probably the best wilderness life technology gear there. 

Design and Quality: Made from durable plastic perfect for outdoor survival, it has a large screen for easier navigation. The relatively small and compact nature of the system also adds to its overall value.

Product Features: Packed to the brim with essential features such as being preloaded with TOPO 100K and includes the full USA including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Check the price of Garmin GPSMAP 64st Worldwide Handheld GPS on Amazon

5. Snugpak Sleeper Xtreme Sleeping Bag

Snugpak Sleeper Xtreme Sleeping Bag

Product Description: A good night’s rest is crucial to your health and energy while in the wilderness and survival scenarios. The Snugpak Sleeper Xtreme Sleeping Bag is a no-frills sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable and safe. 

Design and Quality: The bag is made to trap warm air inside and keep you snug and comfortable in times when you need it the most. It is made from synthetic siliconized fibers that can compress when packed in and expands when you start using it. By trapping the air between the cavities of the fibers, this bag provides some of the most comfortable sleep during a hiking trip or on a wilderness survival escapade.

Product Features: High performance sleeping bad made from durable and cutting-edge technology built to keep you warm and comfy.

Check the price of Snugpak Sleeper Xtreme Sleeping Bag on Amazon

6. UST BlastMatch Fire Starter Wilderness Life Technology Gear

UST BlastMatch Fire Starter

Product Description: Just as fires were a very important discovery for the advancement of civilization in history when you are in the wild, you will thank yourself for picking this seemingly simple thing with you. You will need to create fires for things like cooking, keeping you warm in the cold nights and more, and having a fire starter will go a long way in achieving that. 

Design and Quality: Simple and durable design that you can rest assured will work reliably. The quality grade A flint ensures at least 4,000 strikes.

Product Features: Versatile compact fire starter that can also work in wet conditions. 

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7. Don’t Die In The Woods Survival Tent

Don't Die In The Woods Survival Tent

Product Description: The brand name of this tent is also a very good advice for when you are out and about living your adventure. You will need a tent for safe shelter and keeping you away from the dangers of the wilderness.

Design and Quality: The design of the packaging and the tent itself is made to be ultra-portable while not sacrificing on quality. Made from NASA designed mylar, this tent is waterproof and durable which is perfect for those dangerous and scary outdoor adventures. 

Product Features: Compact and an ultra-durable tent that is easy to set up and start going. The last thing you need in a survival incident is to fiddle with your tent.

Check the price of Don’t Die In The Woods Survival Tent on Amazon

8. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Product Description: Perhaps one of the most essential things you could have on you as a wilderness life technology gear. A water filter to be precise is going to be a lifesaver in many cases. Chances are that you have some water with you but you want to ration it and consume strategically. This water filter will help you filter out some of the dirty water you might across in the wilderness. The last thing you want is to get sick in a survival situation by having contaminated.

Design and Quality: Light and portable and will easily fit in a bag. The LifeStraw water filter is made with micro-filtration membranes that can filter out harmful particles from the water that you are drinking. The construction is not too bully and durable as a bonus feature. 

Product Features: A must-have for hiking trips, this filter requires no external power and can filter the water while you drink.

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9. USMC Marine Kukri Wilderness Life Technology Gear

USMC Marine Kukri

Product Description: Keep a knife with you when you are in the wild and you will be well equipped to tackle the trials of the wilderness. What you need is a strong, sharp and versatile knife to cut vines and just anything that needs cutting basically and the USMC Kukri is the one to get. 

Design and Quality: Ridiculously sharp and strong, this knife does not need any pampering. Built to be rugged and get the job done, it is made from grade A steel and a rubber handle made from rubber for added grip. 

Product Features: A great straight-forward do it all knife with a nylon belt sheath included. 

Check the price of USMC Marine Kukri on Amazon

10. XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit 13 in 1

XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit 13 in 1  (10 Best Wilderness Life Technology Gears)

Product Description: We are cheating here a little bit but we think you won’t mind. This XUANLAN kit isn’t a single tool, but 13 of them all together in a neatly packed wilderness life technology gear. If you are indecisive on what to get, just get this. It has all the tools that you may need in a survival scenario all of which are high quality and durable. 

Design and Quality: Lightweight and durable kit comes in a waterproof box for some added protection. The tools inside are of some serious quality. One look at these quality products and you know this kit means business.

Product Features: Array of different essential tools and gear custom made for survival in the wild. The jack of all trades.

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To summarize, wilderness life technology gear is meant to augment your survival skills and provide an extra edge to your capabilities. But make sure that you look into what kind of survival adventure you will be embarking on and what gear fit the specific needs of the trip.

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