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Wilderness Survival Jacket: Top 10

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Top 10 Wilderness Survival Jackets

Ask anybody who is into adventurous survival hikes and trips, and you will soon find clothes and wardrobe have long lost the fashion and aesthetic aspect for them. They now have become one of the most practical and functional aspects of the lifestyle, which makes sense if you think of it.  When you are in a place where almost everything seems to be against you, you need all the gear you can get that will work towards that goal – to survive. You want something to rugged, functional and helpful to protect yourself. What you need is a wilderness survival jacket. So, sit back, and read on because this article will take you through the 10 best in the market that are available right now. 

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1. Flygo Outdoor Work Safari 

Flygo Outdoor Work Safari Wilderness Survival Jacket (Top 10 Wilderness Survival Jackets)

Product Description: The Flygo safari jacket, as its name suggests, is perfect for safaris. If you love the thrill of surviving in a dried jungle with almost all the animals from your childhood book of animals, this rugged and manly jacket is the one to get.

Design and Quality: The design and finish of this one are perfectly rugged – not too brash or soft. Made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this is a great addition to your safari trip that is sure to keep you safe.

Product Features: Versatile and functional jacket made from comfortable breathable material with loads of pockets for you to store your small gear on your person.

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MUSTANG SURVIVAL Catalyst Coat Wilderness Survival Jacket (Top 10 Wilderness Survival Jackets)

Product Description: Think about it, you’re in a completely unknown environment, you have little food and little supplies. What is the last thing you want to be thinking about? That’s right, you do not want to be thinking about will your clothes hold up in the rough journey. For situations like these, you get the MUSTANG SURVIVAL coat.

Design and Quality: One look at this premium jacket and you immediately know it is not just a coat. Made from comfortable fabric that is durable and resistant to the elements, this jacket is your perfect go-to for a survival adventure.

Product Features: Breathable and surprisingly comfortable with its M-Tech comfort system; no one said you cannot be comfortable while you are fighting for your life.

Check the price of MUSTANG SURVIVAL Catalyst Coat on Amazon

3. Columbia Men’s EvaPOURation 

Columbia Men's EvaPOURation Wilderness Survival Jacket (Top 10 Wilderness Survival Jackets)

Product Description: While technically not a wilderness survival jacket that you would use for survival, the Columbia Men’s EvaPOURation Jacket is one of the better rain jackets that we have seen. A great addition to your survival gear to keep you warm and dry for say if you were to be in a rainforest.

Design and Quality: The jacket’s award-winning fabric design and clean lines with durable stitches mean this jacket is going to last you for a while. Made from 100% nylon, this jacket is resilient to the elements and gets the job done. 

Product Features: Apart from the quirky name, the Columbia Men’s jacket is one of the lighter jackets on our line-up that is made you keep you dry when times get hard. The material being durable is also a bonus in our books. 

Check the price of Columbia Men’s EvaPOURation on Amazon

4. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Resistant Fleece Lined

MAGCOMSEN Men's Tactical Resistant Fleece Lined Wilderness Survival Jacket (Top 10 Wilderness Survival Jackets)

Product Description: Remember how we told you wilderness survival jackets have become more of a functional and practical thing that serves the very important job of keeping you alive? We are venturing slightly off that path with this one. The MAGCOMSEN Men’s jacket is a survival jacket that has all the bells and whistles and also looks stylish. 

Design and Quality: We have to give it to this one, it looks quite stylish all while having the features that are perfect for survival or a hiking trip. It is a well-made jacket that is sure to last through your trial – made from waterproof polyester that will keep you safe. 

Product Features: The jacket has an ample number of zippers and pockets to carry some of your most important gear on your person. These are also comfortable to wear as well with vents on the back to keep the jacket surprisingly breathable. 

Check the price of MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Resistant Fleece Lined on Amazon

5. Rothco Special Ops

Product Description: Build to be rugged and durable and lightweight, this jacket gives you great freedom in any wilderness and survival scenario. A versatile jacket indeed exudes patriotism with the American flag attached to each side of the arm.  

Design and Quality: The material used to construct this jacket is what makes this one stands out from the pack. With 100% polyester which is finely stitched to withstand the harshest conditions, this jacket designed to last. It is a quality product from the guys over at Rothco. 

Product Features: Durable and waterproof, this jacket is a no-frills piece of heavy-duty clothing that gets what it is supposed to do. You can also pick from a choice of different colors that match your style.

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6. Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain 

Bear Grylls Men's Mountain Wilderness Survival Jacket

Product Description: The man, the myth, the legend himself. When you see something with Bear Gryll’s name on it, you can bet it is bound to be a high-quality product. The great thing about this jacket is how understated it looks all while being very functional and practical.

Design and Quality: From the fabric quality to the overall fit and finish, this jacket is simple and straightforward in its built and quality. A premium-grade product that is built for adventure enthusiasts, it is coated in 100% polyamide Pu and a mix of 100% polyester mix in different segments, which makes this one rugged jacket you need to get your hands on now.   

Product Features: Simple no-frills jacket that is durable and its clever use of different materials makes it comfortable to wear and durable in the wild.

Check the price of Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain on Amazon

7. North Face Venture 2

North Face Venture 2

Product Description: North Face might probably just be one of the most renowned brands out there for heavy-duty jackets. These are imported quality durable jackets with features built for the wild.

Design and Quality: All black finish gives it quite the stealthy look if you ask us. Perfect for laying low in the wild. Clever mixed use of materials such as Nylon, Polyurethane, and Polyester makes it as durable as it is functional. 

Product Features: This has all the staples of a survival jacket including being waterproof and breathable. Apart from a genuinely good product, you also have the peace of mind of buying from a very reputed brand which is always a bonus in our books. 

Check the price of North Face Venture 2 on Amazon

8. Rothco Special Ops Concealed Wilderness Survival Jacket 

Rothco Special Ops Concealed Wilderness Survival Jacket

Product Description: For our third product in the lineup, we bring you another Rothco classic. The Special Ops Concealed gives the best of both worlds. Comfortable protection in the wild with the added benefit of numerous pockets and pouches to carry all your gear. 

Design and Quality: Three-layer design that is surprisingly waterproof and oozes a sense of quality fit and finish. Rothco products have rarely let us down and this one is no different. For added quality, this boasts a reinforced zipper which makes sure you won’t be having those awkward zipper breaking moments in the middle of a survival situation.  

Product Features: Loaded with additional pockets and built to withstands the elements, the Rothco Concealed is one great option for a wilderness survival jacket. 

Check the price of Rothco Special Ops Concealed on Amazon

9. Survival Tactical Gear Multi Pocket Wilderness Survival Jacket 

Survival Tactical Gear Multi Pocket

Product Description: One of the top picks in our list, this jacket from Survival Tactical Gear is meant to be used in all sorts of survival conditions with its great built quality and ample pockets and zippers.    

Design and Quality: Made from military-grade 1000 Denier Cordura, this jacket can withstand some of the harshest conditions you can throw at it. It also includes elbow pads for added protection and Velcro cuffs for versatility.

Product Features: Ample storage space with loads of great features such as windproof and showerproof material makes this a jacket for serious hikers and wilderness enthusiasts. 

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10. Orolay Warm Parka Wilderness Survival Jacket

Orolay Warm Parka Jacket

Product Description: A banger of a product from the guys over at Orolay that looks the part and is made to last through countless hiking and survival escapades. Whether you are a survival junkie of unfortunately find yourself in a bit of bind and are stranded to survive all alone, you will be thankful to have chosen to wear this. 

Design and Quality: Durable built with solid stitching and grade A fit and finish, its Shell lining fabric helps in providing some extra protection.

Product Features: Top of the line survival jacket that does not disappoint. Although a tad bit on the costly side, this jacket is sure to impress even the most hardcore survival fans out there. 

Check the price of Orolay Warm Parka Jacket on Amazon

In conclusion, Wilderness survival jackets are meant to be durable and serve multiple purposes other than protecting yourself. The best ones out there will have ample storage space for all your gear and be made from durable material that can withstand the elements. The products in this list are sure to tickle your fancy, so pick the right one for you and you are all set for your next adventure.

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