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The Best Survival Tent in 2020

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The Best Survival Tent in 2020

When setting out in the wild, it is crucial to plan and design your shelter beforehand. Nature is extremely dynamic and it can turn from a bright sunny day to an overcast condition with strong winds. So, building an appropriate shelter in the wild is vital to protect yourself from the harsh nature. An ideal form of shelter in the wild can be the best survival tent.

Nowadays, tents are ultra-durable, lightweight and long-lasting due to various innovations in technology. The tents make you feel comfortable and allow you to have a homely environment. Some of the tents have several functions and so, provide multiple benefits. 

When you are buying a phone, which features do you specifically look out for? Some of you might buy the phone based on the camera quality and efficiency of the processor and some may look for other features. Hence, when buying a tent. you need to be careful about the material of the tent, whether they have used a durable fabric or not, and many other critical factors. To help you find the right tent for your wilderness exploration, we bring you a review of the all-new “MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Lightweight Tent”, the best survival tent available in the market. 

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MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Best Survival Tent

MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Tent (The Best Survival Tent in 2020)

Product Description of MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Best Survival Tent

Mountain Safety Research commonly known as MSR has been dedicated to producing gear and tools for outdoor activities since 1969. Starting from their tents to their water purifiers, MSR has been a trustworthy company for all travel enthusiasts and adventurers. Creating a notion of high-quality and durable products, MSR is slowly and steadily expanding its market and product diversity. 

MSR came up with the Mutha Hubba, a trekker’s favorite and one of the best survival tents. It was marketed as being one of the best 3-person tents. The tent is set to offer a spacious interior and it has sufficient room inside for a person to sit upright. Unlike most tents, the Mutha Hubba has a special dome-shaped design, which is visually appealing and provides greater space. 

The hands-on experience of the tent is wonderful, as reviewed by the users. The tent comes in a neatly packaged sack and, upon picking it up, you can tell that it is very light. The packaging contains all the relevant information and guidelines to set-up the tent in a simple way. The tent can be rolled and stored in a small bag, which accounts for its portability.

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MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Tent (The Best Survival Tent in 2020)

The mass of the tent is approximately four pounds or 1.8 kg. Imagine a tent with such a light weight that it enables you to carry the tent easily on your backpack or rucksack. The tent has an incredible length of 3.65 meters that will allow even a 6-feet person to have enough leg space when lying down. The width of the tent is 1.72 meters, providing enough area for 3 sleeping bags, which means that three people can have a sound sleep at a time. The floor pan has an area of 3.67 m2, which makes the doors and vestibules easily accessible. 

The canopy of the tent is made out of 20D ripstop nylon that is highly sturdy and acts as a water repellant for the roof. The material used on the floor is 30D ripstop nylon 3000mm “Xtreme shield” polyurethane. Hence, the tent can easily withstand heavy rainfall. To ensure that the floor is not soaked even when the surface is wet, the floor has a unique bathtub system allowing the floor to stay dry. 

The doors have a pre-installed rain gutter, which safeguards your tools from getting drenched in the rain. It offers an exclusive rainfly made out of silicon and 20D ripstop nylon “Xtreme Shield” polyurethane for extra protection from the rain. The doors have nylon micro-mesh texture for proper ventilation inside the tent. 

The color of the tent is red on the body and gray on the rain cover. It comes with 3 pockets, allowing you to keep your phones, diaries, and small accessories safely. The stitching of the fabric is on point; it is precisely done to ensure that water does not seep through. 


All the above information is crucial for you to judge the best survival tent but what about the setup? Imagine this: You are in the middle of a forest. Suddenly, you hear the clouds roaring and thunder strikes. It’s going to rain in no time. Where do you find a shelter? Can you set up your tent in time to avoid getting drenched? Well, you do not have to worry about that since this one of the best survival tent can be set up very easily and swiftly. 

You might be worried about whether you can assemble the tent alone on a solo trip or if your friend has gone to collect some dry wood for a fire. Guess what? You don’t have to worry as it is pretty simple and easy for one person to set up the best survival tent. 

(The Best Survival Tent in 2020)

Statistically, the tent takes approximately 6 minutes from unpacking it from the bag to making it fully stand. Assembling the tent is so straightforward that it will leave you thinking whether you missed any direction. A single pole is used to connect the other poles. You have to hook up each pole into the fixed position and then snap them into the holes that are made on each corner of the tent. The two holes need to be placed in the middle of the canopy. 

After connecting all the poles, you have to attach the tent to the poles using a clip. Then lastly, you can simply secure the rainfly by following the same steps. If the wind gets stronger, you can further secure the tent with the help of out lines. Overall, this will assure that the tent will not fly away in the storm and you can stay safe. 


An important quality you should consider while buying a tent is the durability. If you are investing 500 dollars in a tent, you will want the proper value of your money. The tent is freestanding since the poles are made out of premium Easton Syclone and it can provide utmost support to it even in rough conditions. The fabric used in constructing the tent makes it resistant to wear and tear. The quality of the material safeguards the tent from getting soaked in the rain. 

Reviewers have claimed that the material of the tent is extremely long-lasting and it is said to last three times more than usual tent material. The robustness of the tent is ensured, as the nylon material is slightly stretchable and it will not rip apart easily. All in all, MSR has developed the tent for surviving in the worst of environment, keeping all the risk factors into consideration. 


The greatest benefit of the tent is the weight of the tent. The lightweight material makes the tent amazingly portable and easy to carry around. The nature is hostile in the wild and you never know what situation you may face. Therefore, whether it rains or snows, you can have a comfortable and safe stay. 

A tent should make you feel homely where your essentials are easily accessible. This tent is no less, it is filled with pockets and vestibules to store your gear properly and you can access them with ease. You might have large equipment with you but there’s nothing to worry about that since the vestibules are big enough to store your backpack. Last but not the least, the tent offers you a 3-year warranty. MSR will repair or change your tent in case your tent is damaged due to corrosion or UV rays. 


The lightweight of the tent can turn out to be a major problem. When a strong wind is blowing, it will be hard for you to single-handedly hold on to the tent. It will be quite difficult for you to set up the tent without a helping hand. The rainfly has certain issues of condensation; droplets of water accumulate on the top of the tent when it rains. 

The tent comes with a footprint that needs to be bought separately, and it even makes the package heavier. The tent is fairly expensive with a cost of 549 dollars excluding the shipping expense. So, a usual trekker planning for a budget trip will not be satisfied with the value of the tent.

In conclusion, MSR Mutha Hubba is best sturvival tent when it comes to the list of best survival tents. If you are an avid adventurer, you are likely to choose this tent without a doubt. This is because the tent has a lot to offer when it comes to durability and comfort. The tent is set to provide you the utmost security in harsh conditions and a spacious interior to get sufficient rest after a long day of hiking!

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