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Survive a Storm Shelters: Ensuring Your Safety

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Survive-a-Storm Shelters: Ensuring Your Safety

If you’re from the Midwest, you’re probably familiar with tornadoes, and the fear and anxiety it brings along. Even if you’ve never encountered a tornado in your life, chances are that you’ve faced cyclones, hurricanes, blizzards, tropical storms, etc. And with the increasing threat of global warming, researchers predict that the intensity of hurricanes and the frequency of tornadoes are sure to increase. So it’s best if you’re prepared with survive-a-storm Shelters in your home.

Many households think of basements as a safe haven from menacing storms, but even with strong concrete walls and robust ceilings, they are still susceptible to heavy damage. And for inhabitants living in homes without basements, storms can be deadly scary. Investing in a storm shelter is often worthwhile. Not only would it ensure your family’s safety during the harshest of times, but it also provides you with the mental relief of having a shelter to fall back on. 

Besides, although not probably a top priority, storm shelters are also likely to increase your property value by 3.5% to 5%. One of the best companies out in the market for building storm shelters is Survive-a-Storm. This American company offers reasonable pricing policies and reliable construction to produce a wide range of residential and commercial storm shelters and bunkers, making your safety a top priority. 

What Survive a Storm Shelters is?

Survive-a-Storm is one of the world’s largest producers for above-ground and underground tornado shelters, safe rooms, and bunkers. Based in Thomasville, Georgia, this company offers and delivers its products to the lower 48 states with their own equipment. They are also available to be contacted via phone call 24/7 and their website is rich in blog posts and tips & tricks on storm safety and survival.

When it comes to products, Survive-a-Storm is hard to beat. They provide multiple above-ground shelters, each with their unique specifications and properties. They also have several underground shelters that can be installed on your garage floor or yard. Besides providing residential shelters for your family safety, they also manufacture commercial hut-style tornado shelters and underground bunkers suitable for large communities and companies. Whether you’re a homeowner worried for your family safety or an entrepreneur trying to protect a large number of employees, Survive-a-Storm ensures that you are secure during tornadoes and hurricanes. 

If you’re worried about affordability, this business has you covered there as well. Paying for these shelters is easy. This company is a trusted partner of Home Depot and accepts their cards as a payment method. You can also join in Survive-a-Storm’s lending platform, which offers loans with financing rates as low as 0%. 

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Above-Ground Survive a Storm Shelters:

Above-Ground Shelter (Survive-a-Storm Shelters: Ensuring Your Safety)

Survive-a-Storm offers above-ground shelters in many shapes and sizes. There’s the Twister Pod which can hold 4 people comfortably, the Twister Pod Max which can fit up to 6 people, and the Extreme and the Panelized – each of which can accommodate up to 16 people. 

Product Design

The Twister Pod is an above-ground shelter suitable for smaller families, having room for up to 4 occupants. It has a diameter of 4.3 feet and a height of 6 feet. A powder-coated finish, welded-in seating system and a 2ft by 5ft curved door add to its beauty. One of the most affordable options from Survive-a-Storm, you can install it effortlessly in any garage or patio. It is designed to withstand EF5 (250+ mph) tornado winds. 

An evolved version of the Twister Pod, the Twister Pod Max is designed for larger families. It measures 5 feet in diameter and 6 feet in height. Made of 3/16” inch heavy steel, it is constructed so that it can comfortably fit up to 6 people during tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones.

Survive-a-Storm Shelters Extreme is a special storm pad that is designed for battle. Install it in your garage, carport or yard, and you’re bound to feel safe. Constructed from ¼” inch steel, these shelters are made to survive anything – wind, hail, and even bullets. The Extreme comes in six different sizes that you can choose from, ranging from 4×4 feet to 6×8 feet. It can withstand EF5 (250+ mph) tornado winds easily. The steel exterior is given an anti-rust coating which prevents corrosion.

Much like the Extreme, Panelized is also designed to provide you maximum protection from all sorts of calamities. Designed for apartment complexes and condominiums, the panelized comes in various sizes, allowing it to fit any number of people ranging from 5 to 16. The smallest Panelized shelters measure 4×4 feet, whereas the largest one measures 8×8 feet. It can be installed from the inside, which makes it suitable for families who have limited space available to them. It also contains strips along the roof that allows it to be used outdoors as well.

Product Performance & Features

The Twister Pod comes with a conduit connection, which means you can add electricity or phones to your shelter if the need arises. The storm shelter is secure as well. It has a triple-locking, single-lever latch, and a keyed door handle, protecting you not only from storms, but malicious people or predators as well. 

Besides the features mentioned for Twister Pod, the Twister Pod Max comes with two welded-in benches for comfortable seating. Like the Twister Pod, it also has a triple-locking security mechanism and can withstand EF5 (250+ mph) tornado winds. 

The inside of the Extreme shelter contains a locking bench seat, which not only provides comfort but can be used to store emergency rations and supplies. The shelter also comes with 2 escape hatches that can be removed from the inside. It is impossible to get trapped or locked in within this shelter.  

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Underground Survive a Storm Shelters

Underground shelters (Survive-a-Storm Shelters: Ensuring Your Safety)

Survive-a-Storm Shelters have many durable, sturdy underground shelters as well. The Garage Cube is a storm shelter that is perfect for your garage floor, whereas the Estate and the Max model fits in your yard comfortably. 

Product Design

The Garage Cube is a 32-square feet underground storm shelter can be great to protect your home if you’ve got a garage with concrete floors. The Survive-a-Storm installation team excavates a slab in your garage to create an opening and lowers the shelter inside. Made of ¼” inch 10-gauge steel, the Garage Cube is constructed to hold up to 10 people. 

On the other hand, 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, both the Estate and the Max are suitable for large families or small businesses. If you’ve got a yard or an open field outside your home, you’ve got yourself a perfect place to fit in this underground storm shelter. Both the Estate and the Max can accommodate from 10 to 16 people. There’s also the Max Extended which has room to accommodate 32 people, though FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) advises a maximum of 16 occupants per shelter, regardless of size.  

Product Performance & Features

The Garage Cube shelter features a wide door with removable handles for easy access and exit. It also comes with 6 removable steel steps that are anti-rust and corrosion-resistant. Besides, the shelter has a carpeted interior and locking mechanism to store your emergency valuables and accessories, making you feel right at home even in the middle of a storm.

Both the Estate and the Max features steel benches, plumbing, electrical connection hookups, and triple locking security mechanisms. The difference is that the Max Compact model comes with a vertical staircase, which provides additional room compared to the Estate and the Max.

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Commercial Shelters and Off-the-Grid Bunkers

Commercial Shelters and Off-the-Grid Bunkers (Survive-a-Storm Shelters: Ensuring Your Safety)

Survive-a-Storm also provides Quonset style above-ground and underground community storm shelters, which can be used commercially. They are more expensive, but can also feet huge numbers of occupants up to 191 people. This makes Survive-a-Storm Shelters a go-to for several large companies including the US Air Force, Kia Motors, Siemens, Walmart, and many others. These large commercial shelters are constructed from ¼” inch steel in their factory in Thomasville, Georgia and then shipped to the installation site. 

Survive-a-Storm also manufactures underground survival bunkers, which comes in several sizes – 6×20 feet, 12×20 feet, and 12×40 feet. These bunkers include a bunk bed, electrical connectivity, and sometimes even kitchens, couches and restrooms. However, they are generally more expensive, and more suitable for apocalyptic conditions.

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Pros & Cons

What we like:

  • Great steel construction.
  • Wide variety of sizes.
  • Availability of both above-ground and underground shelters.
  • Presence of benches and stairways.
  • Secure locks and latches.

What we don’t like:

  • Cellphone coverage may vary.
  • It can get hot inside.
  • Some products are very expensive.

Our Verdict

Although there are some cons to this survival shelter, for temporary lockdowns during a tornado or a hurricane, Survive-a-Storm can offer great protection. With ample emergency supplies, they can last you for days and keep you safe. 

In conclusion, as the risk of natural calamities increases, investing in storm shelters are not an afterthought anymore, but becoming a priority day by day. Survive-a-Storm shelters can be a reliable choice for you, whether you’re a homeowner worried about your family’s safety or a business owner looking to protect your employees at the worksite. If you do decide to invest in a storm shelter, looking into Survive-a-Storm to find the product you need can be a good option.

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