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Animal Survival Games: Explore, Harvest, Remain Alive!

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Top 8 Animal Survival Games: Explore, Harvest, Remain Alive!

Hoping to waking up to a zombie apocalypse, or suddenly discovering oneself on a stranded island is almost every gamer’s guilty pleasure. But what if you are left to fend for yourself among the wilderness? The world is becoming chaotic, and so it is being reflected in the animal survival games. The recent releases are focusing more on realistic scenarios by studying behavioral patterns, intuitive decisions, primal instincts,etc. 

Whether you are preparing yourself for a battle with the unknown or scavenging well in the harsh nature, animal survival games will get your adrenaline pumping in no time! No real danger there in the virtual world, you die, and you regenerate. But you do not make the same mistake twice. This is how these games fill you up with all the basics and knowledge required to face the world in its raw form. 

Can’t wait to step into your virtual storied timelines? Continue reading as we introduce you to the all-time-best animal survival games where you are left in the uninhabited and untamed nature.

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1. Animal Survival Games: Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 (Top 8 Animal Survival Games: Explore, Harvest, Remain Alive!)

Description: Learn to survive against nature and animals in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4. Everyone knows how great Far Cry 3 was, but Far Cry 4 is even better. The game starts with a mundane open world view. As the first cinematic ends, BOOM! And it gets exciting every second as you gradually dive deeper into the storyline.

In Far Cry 4, the entire world is alive and deadly, and all you have to do is to struggle and find a way to survive against enemies and natural obstacles alike. From leopards, rhinos, honey badgers to black eagles, and more, you can fight, hunt, and even skin any animal you win against. As you embark on a new hunting session, keep in kind that you may be hunted if you are not cautious enough.


  • Abundant new wildlife.
  • Numerous ways to get around.
  • Detailed graphics and epic backdrops.
  • Seamless co-op gaming experience.

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2. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved  (Top 8 Animal Survival Games: Explore, Harvest, Remain Alive!)

Description: ARK: Survival focuses less on the storyline and more on legit open-world gameplay. Although the central theme of the game is to tame prehistoric creatures into your tribe’s herd, we recommend it for the realistic survival strategies it portrays. 

This game is a mixture of reality and fantasy worlds. Hunger, thirst, safety, and protection- if you want to survive, you have to master all these basics. Run too fast, and you will get tired. Rest for long; you will become the prey. From hunting, foraging, and scavenging for plants and herbs, this game will teach you how to mix and match materials to build a roof over your head and craft protective gear.


  • Resource management instead of hoarding.
  • Patience, resource, and skill required for taming animals.
  • Loss of inventory and equipment due to decomposition.
  • Multiple survivors fighting for the same loot. 
  • Battle with nature, beasts, and humans alike.

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3. The Hunter: Call of the Wild

The Hunter: Call of the Wild  (Top 8 Animal Survival Games: Explore, Harvest, Remain Alive!)

Description: True animal survival games are rare with all the essential elements; however, The Hunter: Call of the Wild features the most immersive hunting experience, unlike anything we have seen before. It teaches you to hunt different animals from black bears to whitetail deer with the available elements and weapons. 

In this game, you can explore two different regions and prey on animals of different species. You will be able to experience complex animal behaviors and form your hunting strategies based on your instinct. You will require a lot of time and patience to hunt down your prey, which gives you a real-life hunting experience. As you explore, take your position and wait for the target; keep your eyes and ears open because you will be watched as well.


  • Dynamic weather events.
  • Full day and night cycles.
  • Scents carried by the wind. 
  • Highly realistic acoustics.
  • Careful selection of the weapons.

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4. Animal Survival Games: Subnautica


Description: You know all about forests and the mainland, but what about underwater? What if you get lost on an island? There is only one way to remain alive, which is to survive against the violent nature and the sea creatures. Survival strategies in this game are hyper-realistic as you cannot always kill the sea predators; you can only distract them to flee and save your life. 

Subnautica‘s vast underwater world range from treacherous trenches to shallow coral reefs, bio-luminescent rivers, and more. As you remain awe-struck at the breathtaking beauty surrounding you, the clock is ticking, and you are getting closer to starvation and death. All these unique elements in this game make it one of the best underwater surviving games. 


  • Food chain disruption by angling strategies.
  • Depth and pressure management during construction.
  • Heavy emphasis on marine resources.
  • Requires extensive exploration.

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5. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Description: This game is loosely based on Darwin’s theory of evolution. You can play as an ancestor in a prehistoric period, where you struggle to survive against the ruthless nature and gradually upgrade your clan to the next generation. The storyline is set in Africa 10 million years ago. Thanks to Ancestor’s never-before-experienced visual, you may forget about the iPhone beside you.

This third-person open-world animal survival game requires you embarking on a thrilling journey where you explore, expand, and evolve. Eat, drink, sleep, and keep your stamina high for the next hunt to survive. All you have is a simple sharpened stick to fight against the tiger or the python. Seems pretty challenging, huh? So what are you waiting for? Play this game and experience the lifelike adventure while hunting down wild animals.


  • Lack of proper rest and food causes death.
  • Shareable skills and knowledge in the clan.
  • New food items may be poisonous.
  • Distinct hunting strategies in different generations.

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6. Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal

Description: Forget allies, you have to fight against humans as well as animals in this brutally satisfying open-world game. The most exciting aspect of this game is, you can hunt and keep animals as pets. They will assist you in surviving against the tribal enemies of the prehistoric period. You have the option to swap multiple weapons in the game to assassinate an enemy or hunt down a wolf or tiger.

Far Cry Primal is full of hunting quests, which is not only a game of stone; rather, it gives a lot of knowledge about the history and surviving. As you strive to conquer your enemies, plan your strategies well, or else, you will be defeated and left to rot in the wilds.


  • A world ruled by giant beasts.
  • Unpredictable savage encounters.
  • Predators and preys in a seamless conflict.
  • Minimal prehistoric weapons.
  • Dynamic weather system that affects the gameplay.

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7. Conan: Exiles

Conan: Exiles

Description: In reality, the unruly nature is not only about the animals but also about storms and other natural disasters that are deadlier at times. With this aspect, Conan: Exiles is a fantastic animal surviving game with realistic hazards, which makes it difficult to survive against harsh natural conditions.

In this game, you have the opportunity to explore and experience challenging weather transitions in forests, deserts, and even at the northern volcanos. You can arm your character with numerous shields and defensive tools with the resources you harvest throughout the quest of living. You may find some of the elements in the game a bit unrealistic like the Shadow of Mordor; however, it comes to our number 2 in the list because of its complicated crafting accessibility, which provides you in-depth knowledge regarding different weapons and survival tactics.


  • Detailed character customization options.
  • Hunger and thirst management while warding off enemies.
  • Exclusive crafting options and recipes.
  • NPC enemies include both realistic and fictional creatures.
  • Available in solo and multiplayer modes.

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8. Animal Survival Games: The Long Dark

The Long Dark

Description: This is one of the most realistic animal survival games that exist in the market right now. Crisp graphics, excellent story modes, and realistic survival tactics- everything you seek in deep simulation gameplay, you will have it in this game. Its thoughtful first-person open-world design urges you to survive the quiet apocalypse as you explore and try to live by the day. This game is full of surprises and revelations, so you will never get bored of hunting and exploring.

The gameplay includes keen attention to decision-making as every step you take, will seal your fate for the next day. Collect the woods and set up a small fire to avoid freezing to death. Continue hunting to keep your energy or to heal from a previous wound. While you battle against the deadly beasts, try not to get infected because you need to harvest for the bandages and treat all by yourself. 


  • Varied experience modes.
  • Expansive frozen wilderness.
  • Deep, brutal and haunting atmosphere.
  • Subtle guidance provided for developing skills.
  • Distinct gameplay systems in each region.

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In conclusion, now that you are at the end of our list, did you find any of your favorites here? If yes, then congrats, you have got your priorities straight. If you have discovered new ones, do check them out and give a try with your gaming buddies.

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