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Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine

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Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine

Keeping yourself constantly occupied while being quarantined is a lot harder than you think. To reroute from the usual sources of entertainment like binge-watching shows and movies, you may opt for mobile games. They are a good source of diversion and engagement. Moreover, they can be an alternative to socialization and keeps you connected to your friends through entertainment in a difficult time. That being said, mobile games are a great form of mood enhancer which is vital when you’re cooped up within four walls. Grab your phone and try the best mobile games to play during quarantine to put an end to your boredom!

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1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine)

Animal Crossing is a social simulation game where the player self-designs a campsite by collecting materials such as cotton and wood from the neighborhood to trade for furniture orders. 

There are various elements in the game for the player’s entertainment, a few of which are scavenger hunts, fishing tournaments, and gardening events. It creates positive mental health for the user due to the game’s ability to provide you the utmost freedom to display your creative side.

The player-character can befriend other players from the surrounding campsites who can be players at random or human players. This is one of the best mobile games to play during quarantine as it has great option to virtually socialize with your friends, keeping you occupied for hours at a time. 

Availability: iOS and Android 

2. Spaceteam 

Spaceteam (Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine)

Spaceteam is a modern spin on a board game that helps to reconnect with friends through face-to-face collaboration. In the game, every player is in control of a ship, orders on which have to be directed to other players for the ship to fly. 

What’s amusing is that the directions have to be provided through voice and video chat that leads to a lot of screaming and yelling. Thus, it creates more of a social gathering or party game. The game instantly makes you feel like you’re somewhere else, which is exactly one of the best mobile games to play during quarantine.

Availability: iOS and Android 

3. Mario Kart Tour 

Mario Kart Tour (Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine)

Mario Kart Tour portrays an addictive gameplay. The players can race on tracks in the Mushroom Kingdom as well as the real world like Paris and London. A real-time multiplayer option is also available on this racing mobile game. It’s a highly compelling game that will keep you engaged for a long period. 

Availability: iOS and Android 

4. Heads Up

Heads Up (Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine)

Heads Up is a hilarious game invented in the Ellen DeGeneres show. It requires two parties, with one or more people in each team. It’s the mobile version of the game Charades in which one participant has to hold the phone above their head and guess the word or phrase that pops up every 60 seconds, while the other member describes it to them. 

It’s a fun game to play with your family or whoever you’re quarantined with, that brings in a lot of chaos and laughter at the same time. 

Availability: iOS and Android 

5. Chess.com

Chess.com (Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine)

Chess.com is by far the best chess game you can play on your smartphone. It lets you be creative in every way you possibly can in a game of chess. 

Through this game, you can make new chess friends and solve more than 50,000 puzzles to learn new tactics. Additionally, you can read the best chess articles and watch instructive video lessons to ace the game. It’s very user-friendly and easy to learn even if you are nowhere near a chess champ. 

Availability: iOS and Android 

6. Minecraft Pocket

Minecraft Pocket

Minecraft is a sandbox game which means that you are allowed to do whatever you want within the game. It’s an accumulation of adventure, creativity, combat, and survival in the virtual world. 

You can make goals for yourself and build whatever object strikes in your imagination with the materials you see in your surroundings. The idea is to survive and avoid any danger from heights or lava to wild creatures that attack what you have built.

The most popular reason for Minecraft being one of the best mobile games to play during quarantine is its use of flexibility. 

Availability: iOS and Android 

7. 8 Ball Pool 

8 Ball Pool

The good old 8 Ball Pool is a popular game among snooker lovers. The competitive game qualifies you to play against people from all over the world to find out the best player. 

Players are allowed to face each other in the game of pool and try their luck at Lucky Shot as well, which helps you to win extra points. 

Availability: Android 

8. Infinity Dungeon

Infinity Dungeon

In Infinity Dungeons, you and an Alliance Member or a friend can combine, choose your team, and face off against Rooms of randomly generated enemies whose difficulty level will keep increasing without a limit. 

You must cross through as many rooms with your team members as you can, but you need to make sure that you can tackle whatever you face in the next room, otherwise you’ll end up losing the majority of the rewards. 

The amazing feature of visibility lets you see your friends or Alliance mates on the screen. What more do you need to ward off the dangers? 

Availability: iOS and Android

9. Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine: The House

The House

The House is the perfect game for thrill-seeking horror fanatics. It’s an extremely scary first-person horror game that comes with great background music, creating an eerie atmosphere for the player. The graphics and the storyline keep you on your toes while you fight away the monsters in the dark to survive.

You can play this game at night when you’re unable to sleep, creating an even more realistic ambiance to fight of the frightening creatures. 

Availability: Android 

10. Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine: Brain Out 

Brain Out

Brain Outfits the needs of all the puzzle lovers. It’s a challenging game that calls for the player to think outside the box. Although it may seem very simple at a glance, finishing the puzzle is more difficult than an average puzzle game thereby, fitting the name of the game itself. 

Availability: iOS and Android 

11. Hunter Assassin 

Hunter Assassin

Hunter Assassin is an action game where the participant gets to play the role of a soldier. The player has to fight against powerful and well-equipped enemies by sneaking out his opponents. But there’s a catch. For every enemy to eliminate, the others will come back to check what happened to him. 

If you have a secretive assassin inside you, you will enjoy this game to the fullest because it lets you remove the targets without getting caught. 

Availability: Android

12. Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine: Diner Dash 

Diner Dash

If cooking in real life hasn’t been one of your hobbies during quarantine, Diner Dash is the ideal game you can go for instead. It’s a strategy cooking game that also focuses on time-management. 

In the game, you have to serve an endless flow of customers as long as you can. You can choose to cook or serve your path to success through this game. To add to the fun, you will also be able to explore, decorate and renovate the given space giving it a touch of your creativity. 

Availability: iOS and Android

13. Take Off: Flight Stimulator 

Take Off: Flight Stimulator

If flight games are your forte, Take Off: Flight Stimulator is one of the best flight stimulating games for the mobile platform. This game allows you to fly more than 20 airplanes in multiple destinations including London, New York, and Sydney. 

The game provides you the option to start your airline and take part in exciting missions in the beautiful open world. To spice it up, the game challenges you with engine failures and bad weather conditions. 

Availability: iOS and Android

14. Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine: Words with Friends 

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a multiplayer word game where the players switch to build words in a pattern similar to the word game, Scrabble. You can play this with your friends by connecting through the in-game chat. It’s a form of social gaming that is highly addictive.

The game positions you in the leaderboard where you can compare your scores with other players near you thereby creating an opportunity to befriend strangers who love the game. 

Availability: iOS and Android

15. Best Mobile Games to Play during Quarantine: Rescue Cut 

Rescue Cut

Last, but certainly not the least, Rescue Cut is the simplest a game out there. As the name suggests, all you have to do is rescue the man who is tied by a rope in a confined room. To help him, you just need to swipe the rope with your finger and cut it. 

Sometimes the simplest games with the least number of tasks are the most addictive ones and Rescue Cut makes that cut!

Availability: iOS and Android

In conclusion, we are lucky to be present at a time when we can connect with our friends and loved ones through the screen. Video games are a form of escape from the harsh reality when you have no choice but to self-quarantine. They can act as a catalyst for the reduction of stress and depression at a crisis. So, indulge yourself in the world of virtual characters when you need a little mental vacation. 

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