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Survive Pandemic: Guide to Beat the Outbreak, Remain Safe!

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Guide to Survive Pandemic: Beat the Outbreak, Remain Safe!

Having all the horror movies and video games suddenly appear out of TV screens, and becoming a reality is everyone’s worst nightmare. When it happens so, you simply have to accept the brutality of the situation and try to survive the pandemic as best as you can. For many, pandemics are about the high mortality rate, but in truth, it’s a lot more than that.

If we take a look at history, pandemics have severe impacts on the economy, which create a world-wide financial aftershock. As your daily routine comes to a halt, how will you keep your head straight and survive this outbreak? To answer this question, our expert staff members have curated some helpful suggestions that you may follow. Continue reading to see which ones you have already thought of and which ones deserve to be on your to-do list.

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What is a Pandemic?

Guide to Survive Pandemic: Beat the Outbreak, Remain Safe!

In case you haven’t already asked Siri or searched with Google, a pandemic is an epidemic that is not restricted to a particular region but spreads across the entire globe and affects far more people. Depending on the number of people affected, vulnerability, prevention efforts, and effectiveness, the severity of a pandemic are determined.

Pandemics are more likely to be caused by a virus because these tiny particles can easily replicate within a host in rapid progress. The more infectious the virus is, the faster the pandemic progresses. World Health Organization (WHO) has phase 1 to phase 6 alert systems, which indicate how serious the outbreak is.  If it is a virus spread among animals with no known infection caused in humans, it is regarded as phase 1. Gradually, as the impact on humans intensifies, it can reach phase 6, where there are community-level outbreaks in more than one nation.

How to Survive Pandemic?

Guide to Survive Pandemic: Beat the Outbreak, Remain Safe!

Now that we have got the basics covered, let us dig a bit deeper and try to find a solution. The primary issue with pandemics is that there are usually no existing vaccines, and the invention of a new one takes time. If you look up on the internet about all the pandemics occurring throughout history, this is one aspect that you will find familiar. However, there are some effective ways that you can actually survive the pandemic and live to tell the story, such as:

Keep Social Interaction Minimal

Guide to Survive Pandemic: Beat the Outbreak, Remain Safe!

As most pandemics are spread by human transmission, try to avoid human contact as much as possible. Stay in one place if you can and restrict visitors’ arrival. You may also want to limit close contact with your family members unless you are confirmed of the safety measurements taken during their outgoing activities.

Limit Traveling to Survive Pandemic

Guide to Survive Pandemic: Beat the Outbreak, Remain Safe!

Is your vacation tour or business meeting more important than your life? If not, then cancel or postpone the plan as soon as you are informed of an outbreak. If avoiding is not an option, try to organize a meeting online. Work from home and keep the streets safe for the policemen, firefighters, health workers, and everyone else who can ensure safety to society.

Plan Your Financial Moves  to Survive Pandemic

Even before you are hit by a pandemic, always keep yourself prepared for the worst. A pandemic does mean not only the loss of lives but also the collapse of the global economy. Keep some extra savings for the rainy days and store some cash at your home in case of emergencies. In order to avoid a sudden financial deadlock, have at least three months’ expenses for your family. You also try for alternative income sources so that there is a steady flow of earning even during a viral outbreak.

Don’t Deny, Accept the Inevitable 

Denial is one of the major mistakes that can increase one’s chances of being affected. Bad things will happen to ‘other people,’ not me- get rid of this thought and grow a sense of personal danger. Denial can become deadly in the case of pandemics. The earlier refusals to accept the seriousness of the situation are what make people remain careless and worsen the consequences. As soon as you are aware of a potential outbreak, get your notebook out and start making a survival plan.

Keep Your Loved Ones Informed

During a pandemic, it is highly essential to keep in mind that survival does not only depend on you. Especially in case of a viral pandemic, you will be in as much health risk as if any of your family members or closest ones get affected. To prevent such an occurrence, keep everyone informed, share pandemic survival tactics, and ensure they are following mandatory safety precautions. 

Form a Healthy Good Habit

Whether you’re a die-hard vegan or you do not taste anything except meat, eat healthy as per what works the best for you. Regardless of the type of pandemic, it will affect your immune system. To develop a more vigorous eating habit, increase your daily fruits and vegetable intake, and limit highly processed food as much as you can. If fresh produce is not available, swap in healthier canned or dried alternatives. Proper vitamin intake is another aspect to consider, especially if you have a small child or elderly member at home. Most importantly, always consume plenty of water to remain hydrated for a balanced diet.

Refill Your Pantry 

Crisis moments require serious planning. Even if you are not usually the one to make grocery planning, this may be the right time to show your management skills. Sit with your family members or housemates and create an in-depth list of the necessary food items to last you for the next three months. Go for foods that do not decompose fast. Frozen and canned goods may come in handy in case you already do not have many left from your previous haul. You may want to consider storing chopped veggies and fruits in the freezer to remain prepared for the worst food shortage situation.

Stock Up the Necessities

Do you really need that $10 t-shirt from H&M? If not, then ignore it even if there’s a huge sale going on. A pandemic requires you to stay at home got as long as possible. To minimize going out, invest in daily essentials like toothpaste, detergent, soap, toilet paper, etc. If you are prescribed certain medicines to take regularly, stock it up as well. For new parents or parents with small children, the list may be a bit longer as you will need to buy some baby items alongside yours.

Prepare a Survival Kit to Survive Pandemic

Regardless of the type of pandemic, there is no definite answer to when lifestyle will be back to normal. In case the social isolation is extended, you might notice a shortage of basic essentials, such as clean water, food, antiseptic, medicines, etc. To prevent such occurrence, prepare your own pandemic survival kit with all the items and equipment you find necessary. You should also keep a first aid kit near at hand. In the worst-case scenario, you may face a power outage, so equip your survival kit with a flashlight, solar-powered gadgets, or anything you see fit.

Be Wary of Misinformation 

Misinformation does not only increase panic but also prevents you from making rightful decisions. Even with three people reminiscing a single event, there may be slight changes in the description. Imagine millions of people discussing one event; how authentic will that be? When you are looking for information, do not rely on a single source. Expand your search areas and try to find proof before sharing the data among others. 

Follow Authoritative Instructions  to Survive Pandemic

Each pandemic comes with new challenges and requires different measurements to minimize the damage. In the most critical conditions, the World Health Organization (WHO) provides necessary guidance and recommendations on preventing further spreading. Governments evacuate the information and, along either their respective departments, take precautions and safety measurements to keep the residents safe. In such cases, try to follow the instructions as best as possible, respect the law, and perform your duties according to authoritative guidelines.

Maintain Virtual Communication 

Social distancing is a must, but it is also important to take care of your mental health. To do so, maintain an online community where you can keep your thoughts away from the pandemic outbreak. Focus on what lifts your spirit, be creative, or a critique. As long as you are utilizing your time well, you may as well be giving yourself a chance to survive for the new world after the pandemic.

Keep an Open Mind for the Worst

Even if you have followed every instruction and every method we have mentioned so far, you still need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Strengthen your pandemic survival plan by determining your vital role in case you are affected. Keep your medical records ready for quick access. Lastly, remain strong and battle the pandemic; we know you can.


To conclude, we would like to add the note “know facts, not fear.” Sadly, the occurrence of pandemics is not new in human civilization, but each time humans have been able to conquer these and prepare themselves better. If there’s one thing we know from the previous ones is that proper strategies and tactics can lessen or at least prevent further spreading and survive pandemic. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletters and leave a comment below if you have any more ideas about pandemic survival.

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