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Animals: 7 Wild Animals to Beware of and How to Survive If They Attack

by TheSurvivor
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Animals: 7 Wild Animals to Beware of and How to Survive If They Attack

The chances of encountering wild animals when you are in the comfort of your home is exceedingly slim – but imagine if the world as we know it today ceases to exist and an apocalyptic phenomenon forces us to live in a dystopian world like the Mad Max films. No proper shelter or civic infrastructure, and an all-out battle against each other. We like to think far into the future so we can prepare our readers for every situation – inevitably, we decided to prepare a holy guide to help you fend for yourself against some of the dangerous wild animals in an apocalyptic world. 

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Animals: Rhino Attack

7 Wild Animals to Beware of and How to Survive If They Attack

Rhinos have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. These animals even can rotate their ears to locate the direction of the sound. This makes them a formidable opponent to come across. So, the question is, how can you get off such a sticky situation?


  • Find a cover: Try to hold your breath, relax, and find a sturdy cover. Rhinos have very poor eyesight and running behind a cover quickly will mean they cannot see you any longer. If they cannot see you, they will not feel threatened enough to attack. Just make sure you don’t make any noises because they will find you.


  • Don’t run: Rhinos are fast runners and running will threaten them more and increase the likely hood of them charging at you. So, don’t be deceived their bulky size – you are very less likely to outrun them
  • So, if you find yourself under attack from one of these fellows, run behind a tree or climb one –wait until you have lost its attention. 

Animals: Wild Cougars

7 Wild Animals to Beware of and How to Survive If They Attack

Wild cougars are not the cute cats we have at home – they are fast wild animals with razor-sharp claws and killer bites. What are your best moves if you find yourself one-on-one with one?


  • Fightback: Fight back aggressively with all the strength you can call on. You should use whatever item you can get your hands on to help you scare away the cougar. You can use a knife, wooden sticks, your bag pack, shoes – literally anything you have. Once it engages you, try to stay on your feet and gauge its eyes. 


  • Don’t turn your back: If you turn your back and make a run for it, you have just signed your death certificate. This will activate the cougar’s chasing and killing instinct – and let’s face it, even Usain Bolt will not be able to outrun the wildest animal in the cat family. 
  • If you’re able to fight with as much violence as possible, there’s a good chance you will scare it away. Make loud noises and look formidable – with offensive tactics, your survival chances will go up significantly.

Animals: Wolves

7 Wild Animals to Beware of and How to Survive If They Attack

Wolves are very powerful predator animals. Their insane sense of hearing, smell and survival instinct make them ferocious. What should you do if you’re attacked by one? Or a pack?


  • Walk away silently: The best course of action is to start backing away silently. If the pack has spotted you, maintain eye contact and keep walking away until you have cleared their sight. 
  • Climb a tree: Wolves don’t tend to climb up the trees. Hence if you’re able to find one, go up one and wait until they are gone. 


  • Don’t run: If the wolves haven’t started chasing you, they are less likely to do so unless you make a run for it. This will kick-start their prey drive and hunt you down.
  • Don’t look scared or fall: Wolves like to feed on the weakest link, they like to chase and they thrive on “winning” against their prey. If they sense fear or see you in a vulnerable position, this will only encourage their killer instincts. 

The good news is that as long as you avoid their regular habitats or enclosures, you are very less likely to come face-to-face with one. 

Alligators or Crocodiles

7 Wild Animals to Beware of and How to Survive If They Attack

What makes these animals so dangerous is the fact that they have the strongest jaws in the planet. If they feel threatened, they will be determined to kill you, especially the female ones – who are very protective. Here’s our DOs and DONTs to help you survive if you find yourself under attack.


  • Run in a straight line: Although you’ll be tempted to run zig-zag to confuse them, you don’t want to stay in their territory – and running away in a straight line is your best bet. Since they’re not incredible fasts, if you avoid obstacles or tripping over, you can get to safety.
  • Hit their sensitive areas: Let’s say the gator got you under its jaws – the most important thing to do is to hit its snout or eyes. This will most likely make them release you. Once they do, gather all the strength you can and run behind a cover.


  • Avoid their territories: Their nests are where their younglings are and if they sense you close to them – their defensive nature is what will make them the most aggressive.


Bears seldom attack people but when they do attack, it is because they were either startled by their presence or are starving. Below is our rundown on the best action plan if you’re ever attacked by a bear.


  • Play dead: Yes – this does work. Bears want to neutralize their threat. If you can act dead for about 20 minutes, they will most likely lose interest in you and move on. 
  • Appear larger: By waving your arms above your head and using your clothes, you can look larger than the bear itself. If you manage to execute this neat trick, the bear may feel compelled to walk away. 


  • Don’t startle them: Be very alert about your surroundings, especially if you are walking through a forest. If you can catch the sight of a bear before you do, then you can slowly move around them. The last thing you want is to surprise them – which they will take as an indication that they are under danger. 


Their immense size and strength combined with the fierce attitude give is why they have garnered so much fear and respect in the wild. How do you survive from their monstrosity? 


  • Stand your ground: Project a bigger threat to them. Go side on the side (like a boxer), clap your hand and make loud and aggressive noises. By appearing bigger and more dangerous, you’re showing the lion that you mean serious business. Throw some rocks at it 
  • Stay still: Even if the lion roars and makes a run for you, stay still. Most of their charges are what experts call “mock charges”. So, if you stay still, this will intimidate the lion. If the lion stops approaching you, you can start backing away with subtle turtle-like movements.


  • Don’t climb a tree: Trust us, lions can climb a tree better than you
  • Don’t run: Olympic runners run at 25 mph and lions can go up to 50 mph. That should be explanatory. 

In case of attacks by the cat family (which the lion is), appearing larger and more violent gives you the best bet at surviving. 


Not all snakes have toxic bites or have the capabilities to strangle you to death. But it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid a direct conflict. 


  • Run: If you see a snake nearby, just run around it, or away from it. Snakes never chase.
  • Put something over it: If it has entered your shelter, it’s probably your mistake. Don’t attack it, instead, try to put something over it and release it outside. It has no interest in humans, as we are not part of their diet! 
  • Cover yourself well: If you’re making yourself a way through snake prone lands, then you may want to suit up and boot up in case you step on a snake by accident. They will strike back and by covering the areas where snakes would normally strike, you can assure yourself from a toxic snake bite. 


  • Don’t get close: Snakes don’t strike unless you give it a reason to. Stay alert and avoid them at all costs
  • Always be prepared. If you live in areas where there are abundant snakes, then learn more about the species you have to deal with and take appropriate precautions. If you’re bitten, make sure you seek medical care. In a dystopian situation where there are none, do all you can to prevent getting a bite! 

To sum up, an open dystopian world can leave anyone open to various threats from the wilderness nature has to offer. By staying calm and taking control of the situation can allow smarter thinking and quicker response to double your survival chances. Sometimes you need to be a bigger threat than what is threatening you, and other times you need to be cunning and avoid engagement altogether.

Remember our summarized survival guide against the wild animals and stay alive!

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