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Global Pandemic: 10 Habits You Need to Change to Survive

by TheSurvivor
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Global Pandemic: 10 Habits You Need to Change to Survive

Pandemics have the potential to cause swift disruptions across the globe and change the world as we know it. Worst case scenario? They may last well more than a year. When a threat of this magnitude arises, the smartest thing to do would be to readjust your lifestyle and significantly improve your chance of survival in the global pandemic. We have made a list of 10 habits you need to change right now and prepare to live through to tell the tale. 

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1. Dietary Habits

10 Habits You Need to Change to Survive the Global Pandemic

Eating habits can be a significant threat to survival in a global crisis. There will come a point when mass food production will come to cessation and your only chance at making your current stock last is by getting used to rationing your food in global pandemic

This calls for a drastic change in dietary habits. You can make this easier by creating a structure – a time table and plan for your meals. 

We also discourage dining out or ordering ready-made food from unregulated outlets. Even when the pandemic slowly subsides and things start to go back to the way they were – try to resist the temptation to indulge in eating at restaurants. 

Maintaining a healthy home-based diet will be beneficial in the long run to survive extreme situations. Remember the quote “survival of the fittest?” – Except it’s not a drill anymore. 

So even if you are stocking up, if you don’t ration and reduce meal frequencies, then you might run out of your food quicker– not an ideal survival tactic.

2. Social Habits in Global Pandemic

10 Habits You Need to Change to Survive the Global Pandemic

Some social habits can be quite inappropriate in times of an on-going pandemic. Not only will changing your social habits save your own life but also others. 

First and foremost, social gathering is off the menu. Let’s face it, going out will increase the probability of being exposed to something you don’t want to be to, and you want your friends to be safe too right? 

Resist the temptation of physical meetups and get your gang on a video call. This is the new cool – and these small changes of social habits will only prevent you from falling behind the other survivors of the pandemic. 

Distancing social life is the only way you can keep yourself safe during these difficult times, and you should get used to it and accept it as the new norm.

3. Cultural Habits in Global Pandemic

10 Habits You Need to Change to Survive the Global Pandemic

For the first time, not putting your hand out for a handshake will not be considered a rude thing. Keep the social greetings to a nod, bow, namaste or any other gestures that avoid physical contact. Precaution is better than cure, and these minor changes in cultural habits will ensure that you are playing your role to reduce all threats to survival. 

Even after a pandemic, when we emerge from our self-made 21st-century cave, we will be desperate for real-life face-time and consequently crave hugs and kisses from our loved ones. For us to let any threat of survival at bay, cultural habits need to be changed. If you’re seeing your grandmother after a long time – the kindest thing you can do is to neglect the culture of hugging your family members. Live and let live. 

4. Daily Habits in Global Pandemic

10 Habits You Need to Change to Survive the Global Pandemic

It will not be easy to consciously change the life we have led for several years. It is even more difficult to list the daily habits that put us in danger. 

But overall, everyday habits including touching, pressing and holding will need a complete shake-up if you want to give yourself the finest advantage of surviving. 

Everyday locations are almost always laden with germs. These places include ATMs, elevator buttons and even grocery items. Do you use a credit card at the shops? Don’t punch your passkey on the POS machine with your fingers. It’s time to change the habit – always carry a pen or a DIY disposable stick. Directly touching anything needs to belong to “yesterday”. 

We also have to look at our communal habits. Gathering in crowd-inducing places such as the religious centers and rituals should be avoided. We also tend to lend or borrow pens. These proximity interactions must be limited during and after the pandemic. 

Too often, we tend to hire someone to fix the problems. Whether it is the faucet, electric problems, leaking pipe – we tend to call someone. You need to stop this habit. If you want to survive a pandemic, then you need to become the jack of all trades. Of course, in dire situations, hiring is the best option – but in most cases, you can get the job done yourself. As a result, you’re reducing unnecessary contact and checking the safety box. 

5. Shopping Habits

Online shopping should be the priority. This eradicates threats to your survival by reducing several variables. 

At one time or another, you WILL need to go out to the shops for groceries. Remember how you used to touch, hold and read labels of whatever you are buying? That’s an absolute NO. 

Resist any temptation to try out anything, like clothes or shoes. The less you touch, the better. 

6. Entertainment Habits

Public parks, sports arcade, and the movies are not the safest places right now. But we still need to keep ourselves entertained right?

Virtual entertainment and the internet have infinite options and cater to all sorts of preferences. 

We need to start accepting that house parties and any form of entertainment that induce large gatherings can no longer be considered safe. Surviving the pandemic will require that you ditch these habits. 

7. Hygienic Habits

Hygiene habits should be extended beyond a daily shower. With all the contagious viruses out there, you need to start carrying hand sanitizers everywhere you go. 

Besides acquiring the habit of washing hands frequently, we will finally realize the importance of being aware of hygiene maintenance in the workplace, mass transit systems, social gathering places or even parks. 

This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and start taking showers 3 times a day. You will only create another crisis – a shortage of water. Bear in mind, conservatively use hand gel, shower gel, and other wet toiletries. It’s only natural that mass production will slow down, and before you know it, you will run out of something when you need it.

Hygiene habits don’t stop here – you need to also ditch the smoking habit if you want to increase your survival chances. Smoking and drinking cost money – and during times of crisis, you are bartering that for what you need.

8. Relying on Medical Aid

Where is the first place we go when we are ill? To the hospital. But if that is where all the contagions are, it’s best to make sure you don’t have to go unless you really must go. You must start changing your response habits and build an alternate survival-centric habit. 

Stock up on cleaning supplies, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, first aid kits, and tissues. You won’t be going to hospitals for a long time – and you need to ensure that you don’t need to make visits to the pharmacy too often either. As long as you have what you need, try to stay home and look after yourself. 

In case of very urgent matters, try to get an online video-appointment with your doctor at first.

9. Working Habits

We are too used to going to a “workplace” to get things done. Kick your survival skills up a notch and obtain professional skills that allow you to work from home in global pandemic. 

From Freelancing online to teaching online, there are endless options. 

Remember having to drive somewhere for a meeting with the client? Yes – even such professional etiquettes need to change. With so many options that technology and the internet provide us now, do we need to expose ourselves anymore? 

10. Academic Habits

We are so accustomed to physical learning that seldom do we realize that distance learning is equally as effective. Since exposing in crowded areas and staying near gatherings is a threat to survival in the face of the global pandemic, we need to change the way we think and start accepting that online classes and certifications are the future. 

Health concerns will compel all universities and schools to shift the learning paradigm and prepare for distance learning in global pandemic. If you’re a young parent, then you may want to start thinking of homeschooling. Break the traditional habit and switch to interactive apps, games and digital platforms that are re-envisioning the way children learn. 

Lastly, some of our force of habits have become almost so instinctual that it will take some considerable time before we are used to the new way of life – always wary of what is or is not a threat to survival. But the silver lining is that the global pandemic may also remove some of our undesirable public health habits for good. But we are entering a world where work, study, and social life is approached in a new way – we must be ready to embrace the changes.

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