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How to Survive an Apocalypse

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How to Survive an Apocalypse

The outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19 or popularly known as “Corona Virus” has made us all think about apocalypse. An apocalypse can take place because of various reasons such a nuclear explosion similar to Chernobyl, a drastic climate change or it can even be an alien invasion. The consequences of an apocalypse can be disastrous on a large scale. It can cause a substantial loss of natural resources leading to a shortage of essential goods. It is nearly impossible to tackle the outcome of an apocalypse but individually you can try your best to survive an apocalypse. The world of media is filled with movies, videos and suggestions of tactics on “How to survive an apocalypse?” but you need to make sure that the advices are effective.

To prepare for and survive an apocalypse you need to pick out the appropriate equipment or gear that would help you survive in any untoward event. The following list contains some of the items you should carry for your safeguard: 

The above items will surely give you an edge to survive an apocalypse but to get proper knowledge of all the “how to’s?” we have jotted down few activities that you need to keep in your mind. 

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1. The last thing you want to do is PANIC! 

The last thing you want to do is PANIC!  (How to Survive an Apocalypse)

When you feel that the entire situation is going out of hand and there are very few alternatives left, you need to stay calm and composed. The moment you feel that the environment and conditions are going to be disastrous you need to escape to a safer place. In this sort of scenarios, the entire population will be panicking which would eventually create greater chaos. You need to stay confident and have the willpower to survive the situation with the given resources at your hand. Panicking in a critical incident leads to making hasty decisions that might be unfavorable. 

2. Lodging in the countryside to Survive an Apocalypse

Lodging in the countryside  (How to Survive an Apocalypse)

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to find peace of your mind. The crowd in cities or towns is one thing you should avoid if a pandemic disease outbreaks. Finding shelter in rural regions will ensure better safety and security. Before lodging in the countryside, you need to look out for the availability of natural resources on that location. It is very important to ensure your shelter is in a convenient place and accessible. It is essential to choose an area that is less densely populated so that you get to have a fair share of the supplies. 

3. Learn to ignite a fire

(How to Survive an Apocalypse)

In the prehistoric times, humans survived adverse conditions by using fire as a weapon. Fire is a crucial means of survival because of its diversified functions such as cooking, warming your body in the cold, scaring wild animals, illumination in the dark and carving stones to make weapons. While preparing for your escapade you need to carry fire starters, match kits and if necessary stones that can ignite fire through friction. You need to have appropriate skills of igniting a fire anywhere and everywhere since it will come handy in most circumstances.  

4. Forming a shelter to Survive an Apocalypse

Finding a suitable shelter during an apocalypse can be a quite difficult task. Your shelter needs to provide you with proper protection from rain or snow and sufficient security.  In case if you are escaping from your permanent residence to the rural areas, having a tent or a hammock can give you an edge. The tent needs to be durable and sturdy so that it can be set up in any habitation. It also needs to be spacious and comfortable enough to fit your family. You need to prepare yourself for the worst, it is better if you can learn ways to make a shelter in the wild sing tree leaves, branches, bamboos etc. 

5. Learning survival skills

You never know how drastically the surroundings might change during a pandemic. It is always beneficial to learn and gain more knowledge whenever facing a calamity. You might have to hunt down your own food when there will be a shortage or even cut down trees for making a shelter. These physical tasks require a formidable amount of strength and determination if you have the adequate skills you can get your work done effectively. Fundamental activities such as breaking rocks, gathering dry wood for a fire, fishing etc. will come in pretty nifty for your survival. Ability to repair or rework equipment and fix machinery might turn out to be a useful skill.

6. Enhance your First Aid skills to Survive an Apocalypse

Injuries or wounds will be natural occurrences during a disaster. If there is an epidemic disease, you need to carry sufficient medicines and know proper treatments to cure it. While escaping from the city through the woods you may encounter an accident leading to an injury. It is essential to carry an emergency kit with appropriate items that could heal the wound. If a wound isn’t treated on time, it could lead to an infection arising from a larger problem. The following elements are a necessity in your emergency kit – bandages, painkiller, aspirin, gauze dressing, alcohol concentrated sterilizer, antiseptic cream, disinfectant, scissors, gloves.

7. Spend your money wisely

What is your biggest fear of an apocalypse? Dying? Running out of food? For many people out there the biggest fear for them is losing their jobs and being broke. Economies around the world will collapse and an indefinite period of recession will initiate. You need to plan your final resources effectively that can help you utilize them to the maximum. Radically you will observe that the price of our daily needs will increase and the only alternative you will be left is to stockpile. Stockpile all the necessary food items, medicines, gear, equipment and related elements. You need to spend your money efficiently since it will work as a gateway to get an edge in the time of hardship. 

8. Harvesting crops and planting seeds

An apocalypse can bring about a huge disruption to the environment. Drastic climate changes or a nuclear explosion may lead to infertile and barren lands. Food is a crucial component for survival undoubtedly. When there is a shortage of food and supplies you need to create a source for food. Mark out an area where you will be able to cultivate crops or grow trees. You need to stock up on some essential seeds such as beans, beets, tomatoes, corn, radish, eggplants, spinach etc. Before time runs out you need to master the skill of vegetation and growing crops since it might be the only option left. 

9. Hoarding up dry food 

A quintessential part of surviving an apocalypse is stocking up on food. Grocery and superstores will run out of staple food items as soon as the apocalypse strikes. It is ideal to hoard up enough dry food that could last for about 2-3 months. You need to ensure that you are stocking up the right kind of food. The food needs to be rich with nutrients and vital elements that would improve your immune system. It is preferable to gather canned and processed food that can last relatively long before a food source is developed. Some food items that you can stockpile are as follows – peanut butter, energy bars, chocolates, rice, powdered milk, canned fruits etc.

10. Discovering a water source to Survive an Apocalypse

We all might have heard this phrase at least once in our life that “No water. No life.” With respect to the statement, water is hands down the most significant means of survival in any situation. Settle and build your shelter in a place that has a water body in its proximity. You need water for every other activity so it is crucial to find clean water or purify water before usage. A water purifier or heavy-duty water filters are some tools that you should carry to keep yourself hydrated. You need to avoid dehydration at all cost since you’ll need an ample amount of energy to go through the day. 


Living through an apocalypse will be a challenging task along with other natural obstructions. Above all, you need to be adaptive and accept the untoward event that will occur. You need to rely on your own skills and experience to survive an apocalypse. You need to prioritize your health, safety, security and be selfish if required to gain your fair share. The hardships in an apocalyptic state cannot be resolved in a day, you need to be patient and understand the dynamics. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletters and leave a comment below if you have any more ideas to survive an apocalypse.

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