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Can Humans Survive Global Warming

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You see a bunch of boring videos online made by kooky scientists about how global warming is melting the ice sheets and humanity will die. A quick scroll down to the cat videos. Adorable! And why not? The idea that climate change is man-made and will collapse the Earth as we know it seems extreme. Not to worry. It’s much worse! This article unfold a lot more about can humans survive global warming!


Global Warming

Let’s dive to the beginning. Who knows? The answers just might be there. When ancient microbes roamed around the earth 2 billion years ago, they enjoyed nothing but photosynthesis. And these babies created utter chaos. These organisms were bacteria named cyanobacteria. They volunteered to suppress the soil to the Earth. This tiny help on their part helped create life. Habitat for plants and consequently, us humans. 

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Snowball fight

Global Warming

Let’s come to the chaos. As a part of their photosynthesis, the cyanobacteria created oxygen in massive amounts, and this oxygen destroyed methane, a popular greenhouse gas we love creating now. The annihilation of massive amounts of methane cooled the Earth into a cold silence. This biological transformation triggered the Earth into an ice age so cold, the sun started using it for snowball fights. Hence the name, the snowball planet.

Hugs and Kisses

The Earth required a big warm hug to melt all the ice away, and that hug was life forms. Animals and humans breathed in the oxygen exhaling carbon dioxide that ultimately thawed the Earth.

Human Intelligence

Global Warming

Little did the Earth know what we humans could do. 

To her disappointment, our intelligence, technology and mere presence affected the Earth in a never-seen-way before. The amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and toxic gases spread by our machines shows the power of the human brain as intelligent life, in a very idiotic way.

Our population multiplied by the fossil fuels our electricity burns hasn’t forced a change in the climate. We simply pumped the banks of the ever-changing world. The order of the Earth would’ve wanted us to emit 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide a year. As intelligent as we are, as of 2017, our carbon dioxide emissions consisted of about 41 gigatons! The cause of our mass extinction may now have been global warming due to our toxic air and filthy oceans. But the climate change of the Earth in the future after our death could be new dinosaurs drowning the Earth with their lignin scales. Already dead? No!

What is the worst of global warming? 

Not just my ice cream

This complete transformation of the climate will bring out unknown challenges’ humans haven’t adapted to yet. The Arctic ice contains 1.8 trillion tons of carbon. This is twice as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere being accumulated by us. In the next few hundred years, this ice will be released as carbon and eventually the greenhouse gas, methane in the environment, causing global warming. 

Can I go play outside? 

Tougher question. Will food grow? While the water in the oceans rise, the water in the land dries. Funny, isn’t it? Back to the point. Despite the occasional barren lands, we still have luxurious fertile lands that grow whatever unimaginable hybrid we desire. Coming centuries will display parched barren land and severe long-term droughts unless the carbon emissions are mysteriously cut by half when carbon dioxide breathing aliens take over the Earth. Sudden floods and large-scale wildfires will continue to collapse the economy. Countries south of the Earth; Africa and most of the Middle East will suffer the worst. More than half of the Earth will turn into a desert. Leaving shelters just to go outside will be the highest-paid job in the world. Even a few hours outside could dehydrate you to heat strokes. So, no playing outside!

The recent climate survey by the United Nations states that the incredibly quick warming of the Earth has brought about unimaginable impacts. The question is not how fast we’ll die, but how badly? Reports by scientists all around the world show how differently the Earth is changing against their models. The Earth’s changes are much severe than they’ve ever imagined!

The United Nations’ Panel on Climate Change describes how the increase of the temperature of the Earth will put the lives of millions at risk. The Paris Agreement proposed the deal of remaining under 2℃. But there is only a 5% chance of this promise being kept, as you can see how well the countries are adapting to the rules laid out in the agreement! The reason behind our government’s ignorance is the failure to see the consequences. The UN believes that if nothing goes according to plan, the planet will rise to an average of 4℃ by 2080, the Earth will see changes that were last seen before the ice ages. The higher term of the median being 8, a glimpse of hell can be easily created right here.

Can Humans Survive Global Warming: Hot as hell?

With the firing up of the fossil fuels for civilization, very soon the temperature will be increasing to 0.6℃, and that is when the mass extinction of krills and amphibians start, krills being the main food source of penguins. In the prehistoric era, an increase in 1℃ in the temperature meant wildfires, life-taking storms and heatwaves. The two hot weeks in 2003 in Europe killed 30,000 people through dehydration and heat strokes. Despite being headlined as a 500-year-event, in 2010, 15,000 people died in Russia due to the same reason.

Can Humans Survive Global Warming: My Broken Thermostat

At a not so far increase of 1.6℃, the tundra regions of the arctic and subarctic will be depleted pulverizing the habitation of moose, bobcats and brown bears. Already considering an increase of 2℃ as the doorway of calamities by the Paris Agreement deal, extreme natural disasters and rising of the sea-level will result in tens of millions of climate refugees. 

A temperature simply above 2℃ presumably within this century will cause tropical rainforests dwindled to vanquish its inhabitants, orangutans, sloths, and jaguars. 

No more ice sheets, no more disturbing frostbites! The Amazon land will slowly turn into a barren fable to the grandkids. And without the biggest reflectors and carbon depleters, global warming will accelerate steaming the Earth.

Can Humans Survive Global Warming: When will we Start to Die?

70% of species will be annihilated when the escalator goes up 4℃. Our white picket fences will be put in deserts and the dead millionaires drowned with the Bahamas will notice the odd death of coral reefs too. The massive heat wave of 2003 in Europe would be a regular day in the summer. Every degree of warmth means a 10-15% fall in food production. By 5℃, almost half of the bulbous population will die in a famine. During the prehistoric era 250 million years ago when carbon dioxide warmed up the Earth to 5℃, 97% of all life forms were dead. Simply going outside will be lethal at the 7℃ escalating point. Mammals will die at a humidity of 90% in the tropics unless adopted. Staying outside for a few hours will cook any life form to death. A further escalation to 11℃. Hot blooded murder of half of the remaining population due to direct heat, unless they are huddled in the Alaskan and polar beaches.

When do we Die?

The increase of 35℃ is lethal to humans. How can humans survive global warming? After we have burnt all our fossil fuels and building new forms of technology to cool our air, heat would be a curse. Anyone catching a drizzle of heat would be cooked off.

Can Humans Survive Global Warming: Life into pieces?

If Alaska seems too farfetched, moving to one of the Purple Zone countries as your last resort will help you overcome some of the madness. The Purple Zone countries are the developed countries that will be able to mitigate the oncoming natural disasters with their power, wealth and technology. These countries will have to open borders for the mass migration of climate refugees. Even migration will be difficult because of the habitat fragmentation. 

Worse case scenarios are the fight over borders. Armed conflicts over reserves will arise nuclear wars among the developed countries. Unemployed refugees could revolt and turn against the country funding them. Social unrest is a mere paraphrase of cultural murder. 

It will not be long when the world economy moves towards commercial and innovative solutions all concentrating on the zero-carbon-emissions system today. With little time left for humanity, how will humans act towards the new policies and how strict will these policies be? With barren lands, technology would need new ways to substitute trees. An entrance of the cyanobacteria from the prehistoric era in the oceans could be the innovations to save mankind. 

Lastly, the rise in greenhouse gases and global warming will inevitably damage the Earth’s current conditions. Even though life, in general, will not be able to adapt to the Earth’s impending doom, and no matter how badly we torture the planet, the Earth will survive. She has dealt with inconspicuous menaces before and she will deal with them again. 

The question is, can humans survive global warming?

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