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Best Places to Survive Global Warming

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Best Places to Survive Global Warming

Ranging from extreme weather to the rising seas, the Earth is going to take revenge on our major disrespect towards her. If you haven’t heard the several warning signs before, let me be crystal; climate change warming is real. When you plan to move to a city, which factors do you consider? Cost of housing, stable jobs, an appealing infrastructure, and close ones in the vicinity? While you imagine your dream house in major cities like New York, Chicago, London, and Shanghai, the surge of global warming is here to ruin all your plans. If you’re thinking about retiring with a lovely house and a white picket fence in Florida, think again. If you have already done that, at least you’ll be dead before the city falls into a repulsive burn hole. But don’t worry, your kids will absolutely get stuck because of your mistakes. Whether it’s your concern for the relocation of Disney Land or a new conversation starter, this article is here to help you out with best places to survive in global warming.

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What Should your Future Places to Survive Global Warming?

Pollution and Nuclear-risk free: If your life goal is to give away your organs after your death, we’re here to keep them fresh as long as you live. A homestead with no factories, drilling operations, mines stations, and power plants within a 200-mile radius should be numero uno of your checklist. 

China is the worst polluter, their factories contributing to cross border pollution in Japan and South Korea. Whereas Japan is still struggling from the Fukushima radiation. So you can cross these off your list.

Underground Water (Best Places to Survive Global Warming)
Source: Marco Bottigelli

Underground Water: Water above the ground has played the paramount bluff by luring city-dwellers with its easy access and then contaminating itself by too many visitors. California’s agriculture industry which had one of the best wine vineyards in the U.S now has a likelihood of 80% of a 10-year drought and a likelihood of 20-25% of a 35-year drought, stated in a study by Princeton University.

What you should be looking for are well-researched areas with an abundance of underground water like British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and cities in Eurasia.

(Best Places to Survive Global Warming)

Away from the coastline: The Bahamas and the Caribbean from your weekend fantasy won’t be there when you’re in the major life crisis of choosing between homes. Not because you can’t afford it, but because they’re probably going to be submerged in the next 100 years. Coastlines do offer seafood and access to proper water but the reality is not what meets the eye. The micro-plastic eating fish swimming inside the polluted seas won’t be edible in the future unless some miracle cleans all the plastic and filth out of the oceans. The coastal areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles will soon move further inland as the ice caps continue to melt. You’re far better off in flat rock.

Stable Governance: Even though you will want to move to the least polluting countries, they, in fact, will be the worst sufferers of global warming and not a good choice to move in with the kids. Countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are the least Carbon emitters but experience unstable governance and are the first to be affected when major disasters hit. ND-Gain and Eco Experts both claim countries with stable governance are better prepared to handle climate change when the time comes. The developed countries, like most of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and even China and some parts of the U.S., though morally evil, are the best places to survive the apocalypse. 

Where Should your Future Home be?

USA: When I say USA, I don’t mean funky cities like Miami, New York, and San Diego. I mean bland cities like Milwaukee, Vermont, Ohio, Detroit, and Minneapolis. These countries are in the middle with good governance, moderate natural resources, cheap to live in, and a tolerable climate, if not comfortable. The cities have a low number of visitors, although, you will have to consider property taxes. 

Remote areas of the USA such as Ozarks, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest will be safe havens in the next 100 years. Camila Mora, a geologist at the University of Hawaii who himself hasn’t made proper life choices (Hawaii?) claims that the best place really is, wait for it, Alaska! You can go surfing in Alaska and mistake it for the Miami Beach. I know you can’t help roll your eyes at these places, but these are the unmanageable destinations your grandkids will be running their suitcases to when they hear that meemaw didn’t step up and get their passports ready.

(Best Places to Survive Global Warming)

Northern Canada: You may have already assumed the north of Canada is much suitable to live in and why not? Canada has fewer pollution problems, better policies, restrictive gun laws and isn’t involved in any serious drama with other countries. Plus, you can finally get serious with your “girlfriend from Canada”. According to Ben Strauss, director of the program on sea-level rise at Climate Central and a total buzzkill, “the strip of coastal land running from Canada down to the Bay Area is probably the best.” The weather in Canada will be much more convenient in the future with plenty of underground water. If you’re thinking of Canada being too close to the ocean, no need to worry as the land is high enough to combat flooding.

(Best Places to Survive Global Warming)
Source: Pole Ramiro Torrents

Areas around the North Pole: You will find it more pleasant to live in the North as the temperature will soon turn to your liking. The Pacific Ocean is a wonderful helping hand providing fresh water and moderating the climate of neighboring countries. Locations around the Pacific Northwest and Midwest are suitable as they can tackle radical weather calamities such as hurricanes and typhoons. However, the Pacific Northwest has its own challenges due to the radiation of Fukushima, forest fires and Pine Beetle infestation. Nonetheless, the impact of global warming is much lesser than India!

The safest places for you to place your home sweet home are interestingly in the midst of communities in the north that are not isolated, that have a good storage of underground water, well elevated on solid ground and the safe side, cultivable lands as found in an illustration of the American Exodus. Maybe the north will be our real-life Noah’s ark.

Source: Jeff Miller

Areas around the South Pole: With no one to fight resources over and the cleanest water, the South Pole has the perfect places to survive in global warming. You can be the new Santa and won’t even have to pay taxes. If that feels a wee bit unrealistic, you can achieve middle ground with Australia and other southernmost countries like Argentina and Chile. These countries are less sensitive to climate-exacerbated hazards and if you choose a mountainous location away from the glaciers, then you’ve sealed the deal.

Nordic countries
Source: James O’Neil

Nordic countries: The generous folks at the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index, after painstaking assessment of vulnerability and readiness, has ranked some of the best places to survive in global warming and among the top 5 are Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, and Australia

The leading energy-saving dreamers at Eco Experts, on the other hand, include Denmark, New Zealand,  Norway, Singapore and the UK in the list of their top 5. 

What the two thinkers have in common is that the Nordic countries have the best chance of the survival apocalypse. And why not? The Nordic countries are advanced in economic, governance and social readiness, job prospects, health services, and natural resources. They are well-positioned in climate sensitivity and have the infrastructure to adapt. The only dilemma for you is that no matter how consistent these countries are, they are not willing to open borders. Tough luck! 

Your ancestral origin: Better late than when it’s too late! You have to face the truth! No matter how much thought you or your great-grandparents have put to make a smooth transition to one of the handsome cities of the US, you will be far better off in the country you came from. Since the Nordic countries are not inclined to open up their borders to you, and moving to the other adaptable cities in the US is heavy on the wallet, it will be much more substantial to move back to your own country, unless it’s in a far more vulnerable spot than the US. While turning back may potentially make your life an avoidable disaster, it is substantially better to leave before the imminent refugee crisis.

To sum it up, it is tragic that the least developed countries are the most vulnerable places to survive global warming. Countries in South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America have unsuitable economies, geographical positions and political situations that are affecting their probably to survive. The Paris Agreement was signed by the wealthy countries to help countries with dwindling economies to help them tolerate this vengeance.

I hope you remember this the next time you use a plastic bag.

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