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High Tech Survival Kit

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You cannot contemplate any unwanted situation. Natural disasters can arrive anytime or you can even be out in the wild. You need to be ready to encounter any unwanted situation. It is pretty much impossible for you to survive without the proper surviving tools. You need to build the perfect survival kit where everything you need will be in your reach. Every day you use a lot of high-tech tools. And these days, survival tools mean much more than just old classical tools. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and for its blessing, there are a lot of high tech survival kit that can make you withstand the harshest situations. You can enrich your survival gear kit with high-end survival gear and gadgets and make it a high-end survival kit as well. You can make a survival easily with things which you can buy from a superstore or even order online. Now I am going to discuss step by step, how to make the perfect high tech survival kit and what you should include in it.

1. A Backpack

A Backpack (High Tech Survival Kit)
Source: Westend61

A decent backpack is the first thing you will need. The backpack will contain all your necessary tools. A mediocre backpack won’t get your job done. You need a backpack which is built well enough to handle extreme conditions, big but not too much, has a lot of pockets, water-resistant, light and portable. There are a lot of survival backpacks that you can buy in the market. The Tactical Rush 72 by 511 is a great backpack. This backpack is made out of 1050D nylon. It is equipped with Multiple integrated organization pockets. It also features an internal hydration compartment with hangers and toggles. It has a total capacity of 55 Liters. You can consider this backpack because it is one of the best high tech survival kit friendly bags out there.

2. Water Filter

Water Filter (High Tech Survival Kit)
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Your body can’t live without water. A human can survive 3 days without water but in this particular case, you will get dehydrated easily because you will stay outdoor roaming around to survive. It won’t take you more than an hour to feel dehydrated. According to experts, everyone should drink more than 2 liters of water every day, but in case of survival, the chances are that you are likely to drink a lot more than. You cannot drink water directly from any water body unless draining because that water contains bacteria and other harmful ingredients. Boiling water might help in the case of killing bacteria but it won’t certainly get rid of other harmful ingredients. So, carrying a portable water filter is recommended. So, you need to include one in your High-tech survival kit. You can check out the LifeStraw Go. It is in a flask form factor, it uses an advanced filtration formula to filter out all the harmful ingredients. It can kill up to 99% of the bacteria and it can filter up to 10000 liters of water. 

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3. A GPS

A GPS (High Tech Survival Kit)
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You don’t want to get lost, do you? Certainly not. You want to keep track of your location and a printed map is not the best way because it is old school and inaccurate. The map might get damaged and you also need the help of a compass to follow the map accordingly. With a GPS you can know your exact location. GPS uses a satellite network to pinpoint your accurate location. This is why you should include a GPS in your survival kit. You can check out the Garmin Oregon 650t. It is one of the best GPS in the market. It comes preloaded with geographical maps and it uses a powerful GPS receiver. It is compact, light, well-built and also has a lot of features. 

4. Communication Device

Source: East Road Ascent Xmedia

A cellphone is the first thing that comes to our mind in terms of communication. But in survival situations, relying on a cellphone will not be wise. A cellphone uses a cellular network that might not be available everywhere. A cellular network is very limited. And a cellphone is not built to survive in extreme conditions as it is fragile and the battery can easily run out. In this case, you should include something like the GoTenna. It uses satellite networks and uses and with it, you can use a simple smartphone messaging app as a platform to send SOS messages to your mates. You can also send your location with it and it can save your life. You don’t have to worry about any sort of connectivity issue with it. It also has a very good battery so you don’t have to worry about its battery life also. 

5. A Pen

Source: Cavan Images

There’s a saying that a pen is mightier than a sword. Indeed, it is. What if that pen is a high-tech pen? I am talking about a pen that can write and save your life as well. The BellFyd tactical pen is an amazing piece of tech. It is made out of tungsten steel, so you can already guess how strong it can be. It can be detached in many parts as each part has different appliances. It includes a bunch of blades for cutting, sharpening blades, a bottle opener and screwdriver. It has a titanium tip that can break hard glass easily. So, by now you know that this is not an ordinary pen but a tank and you should include it in your survival kit. 

6. Self Defense

Source: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía

You have to keep in mind that you can get attacked by a predator anytime if you are wandering in the wild. The last thing you want is to be killed and eaten by some beast. So, you need to defend yourself which you can’t do with your bare hands. Even a knife won’t help much. You need a stun gun that can neutralize any predator. The Cheetah KU Stun Gun can be a great option for you. It is a rechargeable 4.8 million-volt compact stun gun that fits in your hand easily. Its plastic spike delivers a punishing strike which is sufficient to defend. It also has a plastic which acts as a knuckle to deliver strong punches. This is the best option available to protect yourself against predators and you must include a stun gun in your survival kit. 

7. High Tech Survival Kit: A Power bank

Source: mixetto

You will be carrying some electronic devices. You don’t want them to run out of battery juice. So, you need a power bank to keep them charged. But if you carry a regular power bank, it will eventually run out of battery. So, a solar power bank is the best option in this case. The FEELLE Solar Power Bank is one of the best solar power banks out there. It has a capacity of 25000mAh which is massive. Fully recharging might take a bit time for it but only an hour of recharge can get your smartphone fully charged. And it’s a bit heavy as it weighs 1.3 lbs but considering that it can be recharged by sunlight, carrying it is worth it. 

8. High Tech Survival Kit: Heavy Tool

Source: Cavan Images

You need heavy tools like a shovel. But traditional shovels are not portable and its very heavy. The SOG Folding Shovel is not just a shovel. It is a high-tech shovel which can be folded to one foot and can be carried easily. It weighs 24 ounces which is also reasonable and can be carried easily. It is much more than a shovel. It is a multipurpose heavy and compact at the same time. It features a rugged tooth at one side which can be used as a blade to cut trees and wood. The blade can also be treated like a hoe to do trimming. So, this is a very efficient and necessary tool for you to survive and you should include it with your survival kit.

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9. High Tech Survival Kit: Music

Who hates music right? Good music can cheer you up and lift your mood in no time. You need to spend your time as well and while you’re taking rest, you can chill to some music. And not just for a survival situation I like to carry earphones all the time. And in survival situations, you don’t want to drag unnecessary attention with a loudspeaker. You don’t need the best quality audio gear around unless you are an enthusiast. There are a lot of earphones available at different price points. You can grab the Tronoe Sports earbuds, they will cost you around 10$ but don’t let this price tag fool you because it performs much better than any other earphones in the same price range. And I won’t recommend Bluetooth audio gear as charging is a bit of an issue despite carrying a power bank.

10. High Tech Survival Kit: A Lighter

Source: Dale Reubin

You will be needing fire a lot. You can’t rely on matches as they are not very practical for survival situations and gas lighters also as carrying lighter fuel is risky. You can consider something like the Enji Prime USB Rechargeable Lighter. It can be charged via USB and you can use a power bank to charge it easily. And it does not act as a traditional lighter that ignites a traditional flame. It uses an electronic plasma beam to ignite. The main attraction of this lighter is that it is windproof and rainproof as well. 


So, these are the necessary things which I think are essential to building a high tech survival kit. There can be other things as well. You can always add more things according to your needs.

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