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Emergency situations can arise anytime. You are out in the wild, in the middle of nowhere. The goal is to survive. In order to survive, you need proper survival tools. Otherwise, it will be pretty much difficult for you to survive. This is the 21st century, so you don’t need to survive like people used to do in the Stone Age. Survival won’t be easy and it’s not meant to be easy, but if you get access to high tech enriched survival gadgets, it can be efficient. High tech survival gear can lessen your sufferings big time. They are pretty much available. You can buy them from your local superstore or any prominent e-commerce site like Amazon. There are a lot of survival gadgets around but it won’t be possible for everyone to buy or carry them all at once. You need the most proper and essential survival gadgets. So, here are the 10 most essential survival gadgets that you will need. 

1. Garmin Oregon 680t

Garmin Oregon 680t (High Tech Survival Gadgets)

First thing’s first! You cannot get lost in the wild by any means, getting lost will increase the possibility for you to get in dangerous or unwanted situations. You need to set a destination. You need to know where you are exactly and keep track of your location on the go. Following a map manually with a compass is difficult and inaccurate. The Garmin Oregon 680t is one of the best pocket GPS in the market. The t of 680t stands for topographical maps as it is preloaded with topographical maps. This will provide you with accurate location information with the help of its powerful GPS module. It can help you find a water source nearby. It also features a touchscreen; you can zoom in and out according to your preference. It also features an 8mp camera which is a bit of a surprise. This is compact, light and built well enough to handle extreme conditions. 

Check the price of Garmin Oregon 680t on Amazon

2. Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Watch

Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Watch (High Tech Survival Gadgets)

Keeping track of time is essential. You need a watch. Not just a watch, a high-tech multi functional watch. The CASIO G-SHOCK RANGEMAN TRIPLE SENSOR WATCH will be a great pick for you and you will find it handy. Casio G-Shock lineup is known for its high-grade sturdy watches. This watch has a built-in GPS sensor. This watch also features a compass sensor. It’s powered with solar and battery so running out of battery won’t a concern. This watch also provides sunset and sunrise times. There’s a barometer sensor as well which will let you know about the change of pressure changes in the atmosphere. It can also tell you about a possible so that you can stay alert. 

Check the price of Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Watch on Amazon

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3. Garmin Inreach Mini

Garmin Inreach Mini (High Tech Survival Gadgets)

You are lost and alone in the wilderness. You need to communicate with your partners. But in extreme conditions, a cellular network might not be available because the cellular network is limited to a certain extent. The cellular network is not likely to work on places like a jungle or swamp. You cannot scream in the open and expect people to find you, it would be a total waste of energy. In cases like these, the Garmin Inreach Mini will work like a charm. This works with satellite signals which is available pretty much everywhere. With the Inreach Mini, you can send and receive text messages. You can also trigger a SOS alert and contact the dedicated GEOS 24/7 emergency support team. And you don’t need to care about coverage because it uses satellite networks that provides seamless worldwide coverage. 

Check the price of Garmin Inreach Mini on Amazon

4. Gerber Bear Grills Ultimate High Tech Kit

Gerber Bear Grills Ultimate Kit (High Tech Survival Gadgets)

You should be pretty much familiar with Bear Grylls, the extreme survivor. If you don’t, he is a just google search away. The Gerber Bear Grills Ultimate Kit is Bear’s all-time go-to toolkit stash for surviving extreme conditions. 

This kit comes with 16-piece tools packed in a waterproof bag. There’s a whistle, waterproof matches, fire steel, survival blanket and more in the package. This contains pretty much every single tool which you might need for survival. You can use it to prepare food even set up a camp. There’s also an emergency card that provides necessary instructions. 

Check the price of Gerber Bear Grills Ultimate Kit on Amazon

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5. Sony DEV-50V DVR High Tech Binoculars

You need to be aware of your surroundings. And your bare eyes won’t be enough because you cannot zoom in with your eyes. A distant view will help you keep yourself more alerted. You need a binocular. What about a high-tech equipped binocular? The Sony DEV-50V DVR Binoculars are not your regular binoculars. This is a pair of 3D recording binoculars. You can take pictures of 24-megapixel resolution, record HD videos and zoom up to 25 times. It also features image stabilization. The sensors are big enough and let enough light in, so the low light performance is also very good. You can record clearly in low light conditions too. 

Check the price of Sony DEV-50V DVR Binoculars on Amazon

6. Arka USB Charger + Lantern + Flashlight

It will get pretty dark in night. You need to camp but you will be needing light. And in warm weather, campfire is not recommended. The Arka USB Charger + Lantern + Flashlight is a great tool. It can work as a standard tent lantern. It gets very bright (180 lumens). It can last up to 6-8 hours. If you use it at its lowest settings, it can last up to 50 hours which is insane. It can be transformed into a flashlight also which can help you find your way through the dark. It can also be used as a backup battery charger which uses a USB port to execute.

Check the price of Arka USB Charger + Lantern + FlashlightV-50V DVR Binoculars on Amazon


To find your way through the dark, you need a very bright light source that is capable of projecting a high range. But using a flashlight is not recommended because it will keep your one hand occupied. A headlamp is the most suitable gadget for this scenario. The BLACK DIAMOND REVOLT is a USB powered headlamp that can project 300 lumens of brightness. This will be enough to illuminate your way and leave no blind spots. The light is projected in such a wide way that you can see what’s around you without focusing on a particular object. It’s not only super bright but waterproof as well which makes it suitable for using it in rainy weather.

Check the price of BLACK DIAMOND REVOLT on Amazon

8. Fujifilm XP200

You need a dedicated camera to take pictures and record videos of your survival adventure. But a regular camera won’t get the job done. Cameras are very fragile in a general sense. But in extreme conditions, you need a high tech camera which can handle accordingly. The Fujifilm XP200 is a great outdoor camera. It has a 15-megapixel sensor. It is dustproof up to 15 meters, shockproof and the lens is protected and reinforced. So, it is a sturdy camera and you don’t need to worry about breaking it. 

Check the price of Fujifilm XP200 on Amazon

9. PowerTrekk

You don’t want your valuable high tech gadgets battery juice to run out. You need a proper backup battery for the situation. The PowerTrekk back up battery can be of great use for you. It uses fuel cell technology. It is built like a tank, so it’s the perfect backup battery for the situation. There is three full-sized USB port for charging devices and a micro USB port to charge the backup battery itself. 

Check the price of PowerTrekk on Amazon

10. Scosche High Tech BoomBottle

Scosche BoomBottle

Who does not like music? You might want to sit is a quiet place and chill. Music will be your best companion. But mediocre speakers won’t be ideal for the situation. Scosche BoomBottle measures about 20 cm tall. It might be small, but if you underestimate by its size, it will prove you wrong with its powerful sound. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker. It can Go up to 10 hours on a single charge. It can work perfectly even your source device is 30 feet away from it. It can survive short drops, it is splash-proof and very sturdy. So, it will get your job done well enough.

Check the price of Scosche BoomBottle on Amazon


You are out on the wild; the water you had with you ran out. Now you’re thirsty. Staying dehydrated is not good because you won’t be able to survive without water. You have water sources nearby but they are filthy and not edible. Drinking dirty water will get you sick in no time. What to do? The LIFESTRAW GO will be your lifesaver. This might seem very simple but it’s not. It can kill 99% of the bacteria in the water. It uses an advanced filtration method which filters most of the harmful elements from water. It will serve you with clean and pure water. It is in a flask form factor, so it can store water as well. 

Check the price of LIFESTRAW GO on Amazon


Surviving in the wild is not a piece of cake, but these high tech survival items will surely make your tasks easier. When your life depends on some tools, you obviously don’t want to compensate! Get these items, and explore the wild.

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