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Survival Gloves: 10 Best for Wilderness

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What to include on your wilderness survival essential list can determine if you will live or die in just a few critical minutes or hours. A good pair of survival gloves is something you should include in the list, whether you’re going for a casual hike or want to camp out in the woods for a week.

When you are in the wilderness, your hands are probably your most important tools for surviving and making it see another day. You need to protect and take good care of them. After all, each of us is blessed with only one pair of hands. When choosing your gloves, know your needs first and the intended use. You should know what type of build and material is ideally suited to your needs, safety, and comfort. Here’s what you should look for before you purchase a pair of gloves!

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Strength and Durability

Thick materials like leather are strong and lasts for a long time. Before purchasing gloves, check the material they are made from.


You’ll be often working with wood or other natural materials in the wilderness. Your gloves should offer protection from cuts, scrapes, splinters, blisters and other threats by completely covering your hands.

Easy to Wear and Good Dexterity

Choose glove that are easy to wear and take off. You’ll have to choose the glove that does not impede your finger movement while working such as- tying knots, setting snares, or doing fine carving or woodwork.

Water Resistance

Dry hands don’t get easily cold like the wet ones. In cold weather, it may cause random problems while working. Try to find gloves that are water-resistant/ waterproof.


In cold weather, you will need insulating gloves that are going to keep your hands warm. Look for gloves that have room for air in the gloves. This will warm up the air in the gloves and protect them against the cold. 


You will have to grab various materials with your hands while working- using an ax, frying pan or a knife. The best gloves will give you a strong grip. You should look for gloves that have a rough and textured surface on the palms. This will prevent things from slipping out of your hands when you grab them.

There aren’t many gloves that are specifically made for survival skills but there are a lot of different types of gloves out there that can fulfill your need. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best wilderness survival gloves you can easily include in your camping pack.

1. Skullman- Hestra

Skullman- Hestra (Survival Gloves: 10 Best for Wilderness)

The Hestra gloves are made with versatile and flexible leather. It is a handy leather glove suitable for a range of outdoor activities. Light padding in the palm and a long, slightly stiff cuff gives you enough agility and grip that are suitable for all conditions. You can get them on and off very easily.


  • Made of goat leather 
  • Has elastic around the wrist 
  • Leather pull strap to make your glove stay in place
  • For extra protection, while using hand tools, light padding is added on the palms
  • Long cuffs to prevent debris from getting inside

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2. Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves (Survival Gloves: 10 Best for Wilderness)

The Wells Lamont Leather Gloves rugged has a flexible design. 

The palm, fingertips, and thumb are made of tough grain leather for full durability when working. For extra comfort and safety, stretch spandex with padded knuckles is used on the back of the glove. These gloves are worth buying to survive in the wilderness.


The palm of the glove as well as all the fingertips, first finger and thumb are made from grain leather

  • Made by grain leather which is abrasion-resistant and puncture-resistant. 
  • For extra comfort, the back of the gloves is made of stretch spandex fabric.
  • The wrist is designed adjustable for perfect fit
  • Lightly padded palm for gripping tools
  • Stretch fit spandex back for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Hi-Viz green stretch fabric between fingers for style and visibility.
  • Machine-washable synthetic leather palm.

Check the price of Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves on Amazon

3. Fält Guide Survival Gloves

Fält Guide Survival Gloves (Survival Gloves: 10 Best for Wilderness)

This is a glove with long durability. It’s made from leather with a removable terry cover on top. The combination of two kinds of leathers on the palm makes this one of the best gloves to survive in the wilderness.


  • The palm of the glove is made of impregnated cows’ hide and impregnated goatskin leather.
  • There’s a removable cover on the palm, made from terry cotton for comfort
  • Wool fiber used on the top of the hand gloves
  • Attachment for handcuff
  • External seams
  • Removable lining

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4. Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves 

Wells Lamont Leather Gloves are high-quality products, made of full-grain cowhide for both abrasion-resistance and puncture-resistance. Super comfortable to wear and offers a reasonable price. The wrist closure is deliberately designed adjustable so that your hands fit perfectly and keeps dirt out. The palm patch is reinforced for extra protection of your hands and long durability. The Gunn pattern increases flexibility and the keystone thumb increases comfort.


  • 100% grain cowhide
  • Adjustable wrist closure
  • Reinforced palm patch for better grip and long durability
  • Keystone thumb
  • Gunn cut
  • Leather bound

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5. Mechanix Wear: MultiCam Tactical Survival Gloves

Mechanix Wear: MultiCam Tactical Survival Gloves (Survival Gloves: 10 Best for Wilderness)

The Mechanix Wear: MultiCam Tactical Gloves are ideal for any woodsman. Suitable for tasks like wood chopping.


  • Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle provides a secure fit.
  • To keep hands cool and comfortable, form-fitting TrekDry with MultiCam camouflage is used
  • It comes with a palm reinforcement panel.
  • For added durability, an internal dual-layer reinforcement is added to the fingertip 
  • The index finger and thumb are kept textured for providing grip.
  • The padding of the palms absorbs the high-impact vibration and energy and evaporates them.
  • The microfiber used in palms has long durability
  • The pull loop is made from nylon fiber
  • Machine washable.

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6. Splitter Work Gloves

The Splitter Work Gloves are infused with an extremely tactile backhand grip. These gloves will work just as hard as you to secure grip without weighing you down. These can be the perfect choice for the four-season mountain climbers to retain as much dexterity in all conditions as possible.


  • Durable goat leather with breathability is used all over the gloves
  • The back part of the knuckles are made of 45% nylon and 55% polyurethane.
  • Each ring finger has a pull loop and other fingertips have carabiner loops
  • Close-fitting 

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7. Kinco Leather Survival Gloves

Many cowboys, ranchers, and farmers use these gloves because of the flexibility, comfort, and durability of the leather. The excellent quality of the leather will provide extra protection to your hands. Because of its long durability, you will rarely have to buy new ones. Full-grain buffalo protects the hand with excellent abrasion and create puncture resistance. These gloves have superior durability.


  • Tough and rugged buffalo leather 
  • Nikwax waterproofing
  • Ergonomic keystone thumb and shirred elastic back for a snug fit to keep debris out of the gloves
  • Long durability with very good dexterity
  • HeatKeep thermal lining for optimal warmth 

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8. Premium Leather Work Gloves

These gloves are made of supple and durable leather to provide comfort and protection to your hands.


  • For vibration protection and fit, gel pad in palm 
  • Reinforced fingertip and wing thumb
  • Breathable spandex back stretches
  • Comes with an elastic wrist for a comfortable fit
  • Premium deerskin palm and index finger
  • Large

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9. Kinco Lined Deerskin Survival Gloves

Kinco lined deerskin is a good choice for its soft and supple texture and ample dexterity. The wrap-around finger design increases durability and reduces the chance of seam failure in the field. 


  • Stretchable black polyester-spandex fabric in the back 
  • Wrap-around index figure for increased durability and comfort
  • Golden premium grain deerskin

Angled with wing thumb design for additional flexibility

Check the price of Kinco Lined Deerskin Glove on Amazon

10. Custom Leathercraft 160L Contractor Survival Gloves

The Custom Leathercraft 160L Contractor glove have a high-tech appearance and are made of synthetic leather. The gloves are well-engineered with lots of different panels and reinforcements. The textured reinforcements have helps in resisting scratches and protecting your hands. The side panels are made stretchy to improve flexibility.


  • Synthetic leather is used in the making to make it tough and soft as well as comfortable to wear. This doesn’t shrink, stretch and harden.
  • Tight grip and long durability
  • The side panels are made of lycra fabric for better dexterity
  • Extra coverage for palms
  • Thumbs are made of terry-wipe to eliminate sweat
  • Syntrex microfiber is used in palms for long durability
  • For excellent grip, palms, fingers, and thumbs are made textured
  • Padded knuckles and fingers
  • For easier donning, texture tab
  • For increased dexterity, stretch fit panel at thumb

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In conclusion, these are the best 10 options we chose for you to help you survive the wilderness! We hope our guide will help you the choose the ones that will fulfill your needs.

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