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High Tech Survival Gear: Our Top Picks

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Around 150 explorers die every year in the U.S. while wandering in the wild and hundreds of people get in trouble while camping or trekking due to inadequate supplies. When you are in the wild, you can’t expect to buy your necessary items from the supermarket. You need to make use of whatever you find in the wild and what nature is offering you to survive. But, in order to do that, proper high tech survival gear are must. Surviving in the wild will be much more difficult without adequate survival gear. And considering now is the era of technological advancement, survival gear has been evolved a lot in favor of the explorers. So, there are a lot of high tech survival gear available in the market right now. Here’s a list of 10 most essential high tech survival gear necessary to survive in the wild. 

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1. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 (Our Top Picks for High Tech Survival Gears)

First things first, you need a durable and sturdy backpack. An ordinary backpack won’t get the job done in the wild. You will be needing a specialized bag that is portable and lightweight as you need it to carry around for an undefined time span. It needs to be big enough to contain all the necessary survival items and supplies for at least a couple of days. It needs to be sustainable as you’ll be going through some rough environment. The Tactical Rush 72 from 5.11 will be a very good pick since it has all the necessary features of a survival bag. It is built with water repellant 1050D nylon. The bag is loaded with multiple pockets that can be used to store small and essential equipment. It also features a hydration compartment. It has a very soft and adjustable strap that makes it very comfortable. Overall, this is a backpack that will come in handy in the wild.

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2. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (Our Top Picks for High Tech Survival Gears)

The general rule is that human beings can survive 3 days without water. But it might vary according to people’s physical abilities. And if you are in a situation that you need to move from place to place in the wild, your body will get dehydrated easily and you won’t be able to survive even a day. So, staying hydrated is mandatory to survive in the wild. You can’t expect to find a lake where the water is crystal clear and appealing all the time. You can also come across a pool or a swamp where the water is filthy, smelly and not edible. So, what could you possibly do in this situation? You cannot carry a big water filter in your bag, can you? The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will be a lifesaver in such situations. It can kill and remove 99% of waterborne germs and bacteria. It is in the form of a straw which weighs 0.1 pounds, 9-inch-long and 1 inch in diameter. This can purify up to 1000 liters of water.

Check the price of LifeStraw Personal Water Filter on Amazon

3. Eyeskey Multifunction Military Compass

Eyeskey Multifunction Military Compass (Our Top Picks for High Tech Survival Gears)

Suppose you are in the wild or in a desert. You want to know where you are so that you don’t want get lost by any means. You have a map with you and you have set a destination. You might even need to find a water source and follow downhill. What you need right now is to keep track of your location. So, a compass is a must to survive in the wild. GPS is a great option, but it won’t help much as it needs a battery to run. You can’t expect to find wall adapters in the middle of nowhere, so when the battery runs out, you will be in deep trouble. A compass won’t tell you your accurate location like GPS, but you surely won’t get lost with having one. The Eyeskey Multifunction Military Compass is more than a compass as it has conversion charts which help to measure distances. It also has a rotating adjustable bezel ring to determine where you are heading. The compass features an adjustable sight line which will help you to plot your course. Overall, the Eyeskey Multifunction Military Compass will help you tremendously to survive in the wild. 

Check the price of Eyeskey Multifunction Military Compass on Amazon

4. Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter – High Tech Survival Gear

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter (Our Top Picks for High Tech Survival Gears)

The importance of fire cannot be described in mere words while trying to survive in the wild. You need fire to cook, keep yourself warm, boiling water and to use it as a light source to keep predators away. But, if you don’t have the necessary equipment to light a fire, your survival will be at stake. The weather conditions can also be a challenge to light a fire. For lighting a fire, we use matchstick, lighters. But ordinary lighter or matchstick won’t do the job because it is made for household use, not an extreme condition like rain or snow. The Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter is a simple tool that can ignite instantly. It uses a Ferro rod to create a spark. It is almost 5” in length, and also waterproof, so it can be used in rainy weather as well. 

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5. Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

You’ll need to chop a lot of things like a vine, fruit, and even meat. Chopping or cutting anything is impossible without a sharp tool like a knife. It can even help you to save yourself from dangerous animals. Flip or foldable knives are not recommended in the wild as it might break at any point. The Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife could be of great use in the wild. It features a 3.2-millimeter thick full tang blade and made out of top-grade stainless steel. It will be a survivor’s best friend while wandering in a jungle. 

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6. Leatherman – OHT Multitool

A knife will come in handy to cut something and can also be used as a weapon. But if you have canned food which is sealed, opening it with a knife won’t be easy. And no one carries a can-opener all the time with them. But you can use the Leatherman-OHT Multitool gear for situations like this. It includes a can opener, a plier, Philips screwdriver, wire cutter, a carbon blade and a serrated edge. So this is a blessing considering that it contains almost every essential tool you might need in the wild and very portable as well. 

Check the price of Leatherman – OHT Multitool on Amazon

7. Coleman Sundome Tent – High Tech Survival Gear

If you are to spend the night in jungle, you surely won’t be able to use Airbnb. Sleeping without any shelter is extremely dangerous. And you can’t possibly spend the night on a tree. Building a shelter with woods can be an option, but that’s extremely time consuming and requires numerous sets of skills. So, it is always good to carry a compact portable tent which will work as an emergency shelter. The Coleman Sundome Tent will be the perfect companion for you in the wild. It can open up to 7X5 feet and will comfortably fit two adults. Its poly surface material can handle ground moisture, heat, and rain. It is strong enough to survive strong wind conditions. It only uses two tent poles so the set-up process is very easy.

Check the price of Coleman Sundome Tent on Amazon

8. Titan Two-Sided blankets

Blankets, in general, are very heavy and hard to carry. Ordinary blankets are not portable at all and it might not even fit in a travel backpack. But in order to survive, a blanket is a must. You don’t want to catch a cold or a fever while living outside or in a tent. So, the Titan Two-Sided blankets will come in handy in these scenarios. These blankets are light as feathers and will successfully trap 90% of your body heat.

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9. J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight – High Tech Survival Gear

While trying to survive in the wild, depending on natural light will not help at all. As the sun sets, it will get dark and you will barely see anything even if there’s enough moonlight. So, you will need a flashlight that is powerful enough to handle the darkness. The J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight is a great survival gear that will help you survive in the wild. It can operate with a single AA battery and produce an intense beam of 300 lumens and has 3 modes; high, low and strobe. It has a sturdy build quality which leaves slight chances of breaking or damaging it.

Check the price of J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight on Amazon

10. Camping Cookware Mess Kit – High Tech Survival Gear

Even if you’re carrying canned or ready made foods with you while trying to survive in the wild, you might need to cook something when it runs out. But cooking needs cookware and in general, they are not portable. The Camping Cookware Mess Kit will come in handy in these situations. This high tech survival gear is a 10-piece cooking kit that is packed in a tiny bundle. It includes a one-liter non-stick pan with cover, two bowls, wooden spatula and more. You can cook any sort of meal with it. It is very compact and best for survival purposes.

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We’re not saying that having these high tech survival gear will completely minimize your chances of facing troubles in the wild, but you can be assured that your struggle to survive in the wild will be much easier if you carry these high tech survival gear with you.

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